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  1. Daubs

    Nebraska Muley, private land this time...

    Family friend granted brother and me access to their ranch this rifle season. Brother shot his first buck EVER...he was stoked! Next day I put a tag on this one. Wind was howling 20-25 MPH...found him on the backside of a hill with 6 does. He was 235 yards out. Outside the ears, rough score...
  2. Daubs

    Public Nebraska Sandhills Muley 2019

    Well, wish I had a better story to tell. Deer season in Nebraska was a bust this year. Started off on a positive note, but quickly went down hill from there. The "pros": - Decided to sell the 2004 crew cab 4x4 / 8.1/Allison and get a new truck. Went diesel this time. Love it. - Stopped by...
  3. Daubs

    Time to get back after it...

    Been pretty active all my life, HS sports, active through college and 25+ year career working in higher education. When I hit 50 last year noticed the metabolism slowed down, workouts slowed down, and calories increased : ( Was getting back after it last spring, then we purchase new house...
  4. Daubs

    Cabela' this the beginning of the end?

    I've been a Cabela's fan since I can remember. Growing up in Nebraska it was pretty easy to love the homegrown company that started in Chappel, NE, selling hand tied flies. As a kid in the 70's-80's I loved getting the mail order catalogs, making wish-lists, checking out coats, boots, gear...
  5. Daubs

    Leaving Bow out in shed this winter(?)

    Picked up a Hoyt bow last spring. Been storing and shooting in my shed/outbuilding. It's winter now, wondering if I should bring the bow inside, or is it okay to keep in the shed. Temps here in Nebraska will vary, but can get as cold as zero or below... I'm thinking bring inside...
  6. Daubs

    Public Nebraska Sandhills Muley 2018

    Got to spend a week in the Sandhills of Nebraska chasing Mule deer for the rifle season. The trip started off difficult. The truck was packed and ready to roll Thursday night. I wanted to get my cousin and her family some Krispy Kreme donuts, so jumped in the Honda Friday morning. Weather guys...
  7. Daubs

    Almost got in a fight with Pepe Le Pew!

    Deer season, public land, Sandhills of Nebraska. I?m walking in an hour and half before sunrise, headlamp turned off so my eyes can adjust to the darkness. Notice something scurrying in front of me, and think I see black and white stripe (Uh oh!). So I make some noise, and turn on the...
  8. Daubs

    Lefties shooting right-handed guns??

    I grew up shooting right-handed shotguns and rifles because there weren't many lefty guns available. It was always a dream of mine to get a true left handed gun. Got lefty Benelli SBE in 2001, and Browning A-bolt a few years later. Much, MUCH better shooting experience. Was watching an...
  9. Daubs

    First shots with new bow..

    Picked up Hoyt round Christmas. Busy spring with daughter graduation from HS, moved houses. Just got old house sold...still moving. But took some time to sling some arrows. And lost two arrows as well. I'm not worried about the group, I was standing in my shed and shooting out, and there was...
  10. Daubs

    Scope for M1A Loaded 6.5 Creedmoor?

    Brother has been saving for a Springfield Armory M1A Loaded 6.5 Creedmoor for a while. He finally pulled the trigger and ordered he has tasked me with figuring out what scope to put on top. I put Leupold Vari-X's on my -06 and 7MAG back in the early 2000's, but I'm confident there...
  11. Daubs

    Setting up my 40x30 out-building

    Lived on acreage years ago, then moved in the city. Wife and I have a contract on a nice house / acreage with a wonderful 40'x30' steel building. It's on 3 acres. We close in August...can't wait to move in! Building is tall, I think 16', concrete floor throughout, but has no power. I've already...
  12. Daubs

    Cooking wild turkey?

    Last two turkey's I have cooked were dry and tough. Oven baked them slow, around 375 and to temp of 165. What ways do you cook your wild turkey? Thanks, D.
  13. Daubs

    Good day

    Got together with some old college buddies and headed to the Platte River. Completely Frozen up, so we put our decoys out on the ice. Great time talking with good friends, and really didn't care if we saw anything. Thankfully they started to fly, had three group circling, let the first four...
  14. Daubs

    Brought home 4 Spotters from Cabela's tonight...

    Read another forum about the the Krotos at Cabela's being on sale, and was going to order up a bunch of scopes to compare. But they didn't have the 65mm on-line. So called my local Cabela's and they had one. So I headed down after work. Wanted to get a few more to compare, so talked to the...
  15. Daubs

    Where to buy used spotter?

    I've been keeping eye on eBay and craigslist, not much to choose from. rokslide has quite a few listed. Other places to find good used spotters? I would like 60-65 angled, but for the right price I'd consider 50 or even the 80-85's. Like to keep it under $1k. Thanks, D.
  16. Daubs

    When will KUIU packs go on sale?

    I've seen a few posts saying they to 30% off on KUIU backpack. Wondering when KUIU typically put packs on sale? Yes, I have months until I hunt again, but it would be nice to get the pack on my back and train. Thoughts? Thanks, D.
  17. Daubs

    Archery multi-tool recommendations?

    Back in to archery after a long, long layoff. Always thinking about things I need in the field, being prepared. Recommendations on an archery multi-tool? What do you carry? Thanks, Doug
  18. Daubs

    Blaser rifles?

    Every once and a while I hit gunbroker dot com and check out lefty rifles for sale. That's how I found my Winchester Model 70, 7mm Rem Mag. I always see tons of Blaser rifles for sale...and they are pricey. Anyone shoot one? Hell, anyone ever seen a Blaser rifle? What's the draw?
  19. Daubs

    Your most memorable hunt(?)

    Waterfowl, south central Nebraska marsh: College buddies and I would gather in Kearney every fall to catch up on life, down a few adult beverages, and chase ducks. I was living in Missouri at the time and would make the long drive early in the week...scout some hunting...find the...
  20. Daubs

    New bow...stoked

    Purchased new bow today, lefty Hoyt Powermax. I'm pumped...can't wait to get out and start practicing. High's forecast below zero next few days...Mother Nature is toying with me.