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  1. archeranthony

    Fish finder advice

    The Helix are sweet. Use hummingbird support to help you get it dialed in for your fishing type. I use a solix10 and 12
  2. archeranthony

    Bow sights

    I used the trophy ridge react one pro for the past 4 years. I switched this year to the Spot Hogg Fast Eddie 2 pin. Main reason for switching was having that second yardage ready just in case. I like the vertical pins.
  3. archeranthony

    Diamond Outfitters AZ

    no specific unit. Whichever the guide recommends. I will probably pull out my Eastmans book this week and look at the unit stats.
  4. archeranthony

    Diamond Outfitters AZ

    Does anyone have any experience with diamond outfitters in Arizona. I am thinking of doing a late season elk rifle hunt with them.
  5. archeranthony

    Daughter’s big 8

    Very Nice!
  6. archeranthony

    So...What are your plans for 2021?

    i thought illinois is OTC
  7. archeranthony

    So...What are your plans for 2021?

    apply for new mexico elk and deer tags, also might go to pike county illinois for a WT deer hunt.
  8. archeranthony

    Colorado Moose

    congrats buddy
  9. archeranthony

    Savage 110 Rfles

    Savage makes a great rifle. I have the 116 and i prefer it over my weatherby, browning and ruger rifles
  10. archeranthony

    2020 Whitetail Success Thread

    Dad got it done on this old bruiser Friday evening.
  11. archeranthony

    One of our Guys has Covid.

    We wish him the best!
  12. archeranthony

    Any tips or tricks to replacing stuck blades in an outdoor edge knife?

    soak it in soapy hot water. Dawn Dish Soap will clean anything. I wash mine with dawn post season.
  13. archeranthony

    My Archery Hitlist (whitetail)

    Well I haven’t got a buck yet. The one smaller 10 in the pics showed up but spooked when I went to open my redneck blind window. Lesson learned for me. I have however shot 3 hogs so I’m doing some good especially for the local farmers. Here is a pic of the boar I took this weekend. He was...
  14. archeranthony

    Headed for Wyoming

    Congrats Buddy. Sounds like an awesome trip. Im jealous
  15. archeranthony

    The 2020 Elk Success Thread

    Congrats thats awesome
  16. archeranthony

    What Is Your Favorite Gun To Shoot???

    My favorite gun is my Savage 116 Bear Hunter in 338 Win Mag. I was so impressed how well it shot with factory loads. I shoot a Barnes TTSX 225 grain out of it and its a tack driver. Shotgun wise i like my Beretta A400 and pistols my Sig 1911 is my favorite.
  17. archeranthony

    Daughter holds the biggest buck in the household

    Congrats. Thats Awesome