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    Weather in the back country, how do you follow it ?

    All, when your hunting a wilderness area how do you all get weather data ? Ive yet to find a weather station that provides forecasts or history of remote regions.
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    How often do you change cables and strings ?

    With the price of a new set of cables and a string in the $130-$160 range how often do you guys change them ? Also where do you usually see wear on them?
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    Oilskin duster/drover ?

    All, does anyone use an oilskin drover coat while riding into the back country ? I am looking at a 9 hour late season ride into camp and was wondering if they made sense as an outer layer? I was also thinking the long tails may provide some benefit as I dont have chinks or chaps. Please...
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    Garmin 66i or something else

    All, with all this time on my hands I am thinking about a new GPS, I've always owned Garmin products and currently own a 10 year old Rino. The rino is great except that its no longer supported, cant find batteries or get support from Garmin because its so old. I am looking at the 66i as its...
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    New Build need a stock ?

    I am putting together a 300 win on a rem 700 action. I have a few McMillan stocks and like them but am not liking the prices theses days $600 for the unit plus bedding ? Nope ! What can be had in a ADL configuration at a $400 or less price point at 2-2-1/2 pounds with pad ? Suggestions ?
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    Weather conditions as it relates to the calendar, elevation and state?

    Ive been trying to get a handle on weather/climate conditions for my next planned hunt and this has brought up a bunch of questions for me. I have hunted in Wyoming unit 60 over the past years (30) and always hunted the openers. I am planning a late season hunt for the last 8 days of the...
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    300 Weatherby and 180 gr Swift Scirocco 2 bullets

    All, Contemplating the hunt tools... I worked on a load for a 300 WBY rifle last year and gave up the process for a known and proven round. I am loading for a Rem 700 with a 300 WBY chamber It is not a long throat like the Weatherby rifles I am finding that the Swift Company recommends a Max of...
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    Pack suggestions for horseback hunts ?

    Last year I grabbed a Tenzig TZ17 with the wire frame. The pack was OK, not great. It was noisy in the cold and was just set up wrong for lashing o the back of my saddle. Do you guys have any favorite day type packs for horseback hunts ? Perhaps a waist pack suggestion. This pack will...
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    Have you seen the Wyoming Non-profit "Mountain Pursuit"

    All, I just read a little bit about Mountain Pursuit a non profit who promotes "ethical hunting/fair chase" with such practice is defined as follows; The essence of "Fair Chase" is maintaining the balance between the predator and prey. Specifically, game animals should have a reasonable chance...
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    Brass prep.....300 weatherby

    Gents, I recently read an article by John Barsness who advised for hunting guns he doesnt do too much for brass prep, weight sorting or neck turning. This is a deviation from all the tied and true handloaders!! I have found myself the owner of about 250 rounds of 300 WBY mag brass. Some...
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    What bullets do you use ? 257AI & Barnes TTSX

    I am loading for a 257AI and need to settle on a single load. The purpose of this rifle/cambering is Pronghorn and deer both mulies and whitetail. My thoughts are along the line of the 115gr Partition for deer here in the northeast and elsewhere, with a 115 gr BTBT for Antelope. I was...
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    Any suggestions for an outfitted wilderness hunt in Wyoming, Montana or Idaho?

    All, I am looking for suggestions for an outfitter who provides a wilderness hunt. I would like to go in 2020, any suggestions?
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    Bino pouch - your thoughts ?

    All, While in camp this year I noticed that the guides all had bino pouches. By the end of the hunt i understood why ... dust and ease of access, one hand access. What model do you use and why ...if you use them ?
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    Peroneal Tendon problems - boot suggestions

    All, I have a peroneat tendon problem and this causes me to frequesntly roll my ankle with great pain. Side stepping along hills this year was a chore. The boots I used this year did not work out well at all, Scarpa makes a great boot but they were not high enough to offer support for me. I...
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    Anyone else getting stir crazy ?

    So I have 89 hours and 40 min until I get on a plane for my hunt, checked and rechecked and shipped the gear and rifle(confirmmed delivery) bought extra batteries for the camera .... I check the weather once an hour, read and reread the proper magazines and books ..... but the clock isnt moving...
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    Smoke ??

    Gents ... Getting down to the wire, I am leaving Sunday boud for Jackson ! I had a buddy who was on the Green river, below the Fontinele dam doing some fishing last week and he says the smoke in the valley was every where. Does anyone know what the situation is like in Jackson Hole and or...
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    Navigation advice Garmin vs phone

    Gents, I am looking at the "onx" products for use this year and could use a some opinions. I usually use a Garmin rhino 530hcx in big woods, the unit is old but does what I need it to. I ve been looking at the onx and the idea of using a phone for navigation is concerning. the cons 1. no...
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    Cartridge & rifle choice - game specific !

    Perhaps a new version of the time tested question ! What do you shoot for the following, gun, cartridge and load ? Antelope (pronghorn) - I shoot a ULA mod 20 in 257 Ack with 115 gr AB White Tailed deer (east) - Wild west Guns Guide gun converted to takedown in 45-70, 350 gr Hornady FP...
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    Jacket/Parka question

    I am going to be hunting in mid sept this year and am trying to figure out an insulating layer option for a backcountry tent camp hunt. Space and weight is a challenge. I will be at 8,500 -11,000 feet and I am sure I will see 30 to 60 deg weather with snow and rain as per usual. I plan on...
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    Gaiters what would you buy ?

    Gents. I need to buy some gaiters. Holy cow web searches show a lot of people make them! I am looking for: 1- quiet 2- waterproof 3- durable 4- and quality design and materials Who gets you hard earned $$