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  1. Timberstalker

    Lever action rimfire rifle?

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I?m thinking about buying one to pack around while scouting for pesky predators like coyotes. More than one occasion Ive ran across them and not had a rifle on me because I don?t like packing my hunting rifles all the time. I?ve always wanted a lever action but...
  2. Timberstalker

    A first for me

    I scheduled my annual week of for this upcoming fall. Since the late 80?s I have taken a week off in the fall to go hunting. This year I?m going to Hawaii instead. The hunting has become so bad here in Oregon that for the first time in my life I would rather do something else with my time off...
  3. Timberstalker

    Close rifle shots.

    With so much talk about how far we can shoot, I would like the hear some how close stories. My personal best on an animal I put a stalk on was my bighorn, I shot him at 18 paces with my 25-06. I shot a deer at 13 paces with the same rifle once back when my brothers and I would make drives. My...
  4. Timberstalker

    To hot for me!

    Too hot for me! Yesterday was opening day for bow season, I hunted about three hrs in the morning and called it a weekend. It's just to damn warm and I don't even want to try to deal with taking care of an elk in mid 80 degree temperature. Next weekend is calling for 90's, I guess I will have...
  5. Timberstalker

    EHJ 132 25th Anniversary issue

    Does anyone have a copy they would be willing to send my way? My sheep hunt was published isn't that issue and I only have one left, I would love to have a couple more just in case. I would be happy to compensate for time and shipping.Send me a PM if you like. Thanks Terry
  6. Timberstalker

    Time for a bigger pack.

    Hey guys, I'm in the market for a bigger pack. I haven't spent a lot of time searching yet but at first glance I notice that there are tons of options. I am not dead set on a hunting driven pack, it looks like there are some very similarly built packs out there that are not necessary focused on...
  7. Timberstalker

    I took the young man hunting

    I took the young man hunting (pics added) Last winter my daughters boyfriend asked me if I would take him hunting, he had never been hunting before. "Of course I will" I said. I had no idea he would do so well
  8. Timberstalker

    Cascade archery bull

    After decades of trying I finally got it done. Called this bull into 20 yards and made the right shot.
  9. Timberstalker

    Back from the taxi

    My '13 Oregon Antelope
  10. Timberstalker

    My Brothers Bull

    He killed his first branch antlered bull after 30+ years of elk hunting. I was very glad to be there with him to share the joy. Congrats Brother, you earned it!
  11. Timberstalker

    She finally got one!

    After many, many miles over the last two seasons my youngest daughter connected this morning. I was leaving it up the her if she even wanted to hunt this year since she hasn't has a shot opportunity the last two season, but she said "I'm not giving up that easy", Atta girl! So she, the wife and...
  12. Timberstalker

    East Bound and Down!

    Ready or not here I come Wyoming. I am about 10 pounds heavier than I wanted to be and I never did extend my comfort range past 50 yards, but I'm archery hunitng elk anyways! I have been looking forward to this for months, thanks to Eastmans Forum for this hunt. I learned a lot about what I...
  13. Timberstalker

    M/L Breech Plug problem

    Hey guys, I have an issue. I have Winchester X-150 muzzle loader. The breech plug has been stuck in it for 2+ years and it aint comming out! I've tryed everything but a machinist, which is the next step. The one that's in it is going to be destoryed in the removal proccess. The problem is I am...
  14. Timberstalker


    My brother has drawn what is more or less a OIL elk hunt. He's not a big time hunter so buying a 2-3K dollar scope isn't going to happen. I don't have a good spotter for him to use so I was wondering about him renting one? I see there are some places that do rent out top of the line optics. Has...
  15. Timberstalker

    2014 Oregon Draw Results

    Although not as exciting as other western states, we do have some outstanding sheep hunting. Results should post any day now. Good luck to all who are in!
  16. Timberstalker

    What motivates you to shoot?

    I was wondering what motivates you guys to shoot your bow. I have been a bow hunter off and on for 25+ years, but I've never considered myself a really good archer. I don't find shooting my bow all that entertaing, I find it to be a chore, like exercise. Are there any other bow here hunters that...
  17. Timberstalker

    Deadline is today.

    Today is the last day to apply for Oregon controlled hunts. Just thought I would post this up just in case anyone didn't know.
  18. Timberstalker

    Blacktail/Mule deer hybrid Guess the score...

    This deer was 3 1/2 years old. It is what many call a "Cascade Blacktail" here in Oregon. What does he score?
  19. Timberstalker

    Is backpack hunting as great as it's craked up to be?

    It seems there is an enormus amount of discussion backpack hunting lately. I can see "new" western hunters thinking this the best and possibly the only way to be successful out west. I rarely stay out for days on end, to be honest it is rare for me to stay out at all. For the guys that are new...
  20. Timberstalker

    GOAL: Branch bull

    Hey guys, a buddy and I are applying in Wy this year. Our goal is to kill a branch bull, not looking for a trophy, just a bull. We want to hunt this fall, anyone have any suggestions for a couple Oregon guys? We are used to hunting for days without seeing many elk here in Oregon, hoping Wyoming...