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  1. JimP

    It's Official I'm Going Back

    Well, I made it official and am headed back to South Africa for a hunt. I debated on a 7 day or the 10 day hunt and decided on the 10 day one which includes a few more animals. So now the planning begins, well not really. Since I have been over once I'll just duplicate 99% of what I did...
  2. JimP

    CZ Looking At Buying Colt

    Good or bad it may happen.
  3. JimP

    2020-2024 Colorado Season Dates

    Don't be surprised like I was when I posted the wrong dates for Colorado's second elk season. I don't pay that much attention to it since I try to hunt during the muzzle loader hunts but they have changed and if you are like I was when I was working I you need to put in for vacation so that...
  4. JimP

    Sportsman's Warehouse/Bass Pro

    Since I can't reply to the post in the Announcements forum I'll do it here. I just hope that Great American Outdoors Group doesn't screw up SW as much as they did Cabela's...
  5. JimP

    Wisconsin Spirit Deer
  6. JimP

    Information on Wolves & What Happens Now In Colorado

    Here is a short read that I got from CP&W tonight concerning wolves here in Colorado.
  7. JimP

    Something New To Hunt In Minnesota

    Well, there is a new animal to hunt up in Minnesota around the ponds up there.
  8. JimP


    Since we are kind of on the subject of knifes today I thought that I would post up a question for you. I know that we all have fancy new ones. Changeable razor sharp blades and such but what is your oldest knife? For me it would have to be my dads old Solingin Premium Stockman's. My dad...
  9. JimP

    October Storm Totals

    For the folks in Colorado and elsewhere that got this storm, how much snow did you get out of it? I'm at 6500' elevation and we got close to 10" of the white stuff. It's suppose to warm back up the end of the week and into next week so it may be a sloppy 3rd season here in Colorado
  10. JimP

    Which One is Fastest? The Snake Or the Cat?
  11. JimP

    The Jogger and the Cat

    This jogger had some fun up Slate Canyon out of Provo, Utah the other day. This is just outside of a major city in Utah. I used to hunt deer up and out of this canyon and packed many bucks out on the trail that was there at the time. It now looks like it is a good ATV trail...
  12. JimP

    New Live Cam Video

    Here is a new live cam video for Brooks Falls up in Alaska, it makes a great screen saver.
  13. JimP

    Shakeup in The Firearms World

    There is a little bit of a shakeup in the firearms industry the last few days. Ruger is purchasing Marlin Sierra gets Barnes Vista gets Remington ammo Franklin Armory gets Bushmaster
  14. JimP

    New Wildfire in Colorado

    Well, it had to happen. There is another wildfire here in Colorado off of Hwy 131 north of I-70. It is burning in unit 36. Campers and hunters are being evacuated and while they say that it is only 100 acres this morning it won't take very much for it to grow. They are lucky in that there...
  15. JimP

    Elk Hunting Tricks

    So today I got to thinking about some of the tricks that I used to use to be successful in bringing home a elk every year. I had a great run for a long time and brought home a lot of meat, so much so that I would end up giving away quite a bit of it to keep fresh elk meat in the freezer. One...
  16. JimP

    Budweiser 9/11 Tribute

    It had been a while since I have seen this one and while it is a day and late and 19 years old it is still moving.
  17. JimP

    Colorado Wildfire Refunds

    If you hunt one of the units where the wildfires have been or are burning the CP&W are offering refunds if you meet the requirements. The fire areas are Pine Gulch Fire units 30&31 Grizzly Creek Fire unit 34 Williams Fork Fire unit 28 Cameron Peak Fire units 6, 7, 8, 19, and S1 You can...
  18. JimP

    How HIP Are You?

    With dove season very quickly approaching I thought that I would put out a reminder for everyone to get their HIP numbers
  19. JimP

    220 Year Old Elk Antlers

    It appears that today is the day for elk stories
  20. JimP

    Colorado Grizzly Creek Fire

    I know that there are a number of us from Colorado on here and while I don't believe that anyone here hunts the area north of Glenwood Canyon I thought that I'd post some of the pictures that are coming out of the Glenwood Canyon area off of I-70. It is believed that a flat tire throwing...