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  1. mallardsx2

    The "New" Cabin by the pond

    This building was sold as a repo unit so I got it much cheaper and it already had insulation in it. Going to get started finishing the inside this weekend. That machine they use is pretty dang impressive and the guy who set it up was great and I was shocked by how easily he move this building...
  2. mallardsx2

    Proposition 114

    Well then. I am really following this one and I am glad to see that about half of you Coloradan's have some common sense.
  3. mallardsx2

    2020 Whitetail Success Thread

    I didn't see any of these started. If I missed it please delete. Wife on the board. She shot this deer with a 308 broadside at 20 yards. It was still alive 2 hours later and things "got a little western" when I was trying to finish it off. That bullet went straight through and never touched...
  4. mallardsx2

    ORORO Heated Vests

    Anyone else use one of these? I got one for Christmas last year. Sounds kinda lame but I promise you these things are great! I highly recommend them if you get cold easily or for women and children than you want to get into the outdoors when it is cold. Go ahead and say it...meanwhile I'll be...
  5. mallardsx2

    Bull Breeding Call - Identification

    This year when my bull was charging in looking for his last cow he was making a noise I had never heard before while hunting elk. I thought I had heard them all, but this was a new one to me for sure. When he was coming in he was making a noise similar to a cow. I assume it was some kind of...
  6. mallardsx2

    2020 Elk Hunt

    I made it home. Here are some pictures from my hunt. 80 Miles of Elk hunting in 8.5 days. This was a pretty grueling hunt with a lot of ups and downs (Pun Intended).
  7. mallardsx2


    Found this under the brush hog at our lease.... 12 rattles. 13 babies inside of it. When they came spewing out the 9MM bullet holes they were striking at anything that moved...right up until I gave them the stick coup-de-grace..... Got the fields planted.
  8. mallardsx2

    The 40 Acres

    And so it begins....1000' of waterline. And yes, that took a full day and no I couldn't find a ride on to rent.... Plus my wife's uncles duramax caught on fire and burned to the ground....Heater core wire shortage is our guess. Then my dog stepped on a piece of glass and had to go...
  9. mallardsx2

    7MM - IMR 4064

    Once again. This "old school" powder is proving its worth on my reloading shelf. Put a new Leupold scope on his Steyr rifle for him. Good enough for me at 100 yards. Certainly good enough for my wife's uncle who never shoots over 200 yards anyhow. Group on left was out of a Steyr 7MM Group on...
  10. mallardsx2

    Covid-19 Effects on Fall 2020 Hunts

    Lot of stir going around in the last few days about the Virus coming back in full force this fall. I think there is a good chance that hunts will be cancelled in a bunch of the western states for the fall. What are you thoughts?
  11. mallardsx2

    Canada bans assault-style weapons after mass shooting

    Hot off the press.
  12. mallardsx2

    Tonneau Cover - Help me choose!

    I need a new one. The one with the Velcro sides I have currently was flapping like superman's cape behind the truck coming across Nebraska last year. What do you have? What do you wish you had bought? Assume that price does not matter. I am leaning towards one of these but I dont like how...
  13. mallardsx2

    The question SOME of us have always wondered about....

    Well, now my 9 year old has the answer....... Any guesses?
  14. mallardsx2

    Prop Joe Diffie up beside the juke box...

    Sad to hear he passed away. I always loved his music. Strangely enough, I was humming one of his songs this past weekend while shooting fish. Enjoy.
  15. mallardsx2

    2020 Turkey Picture Thread

    7:45 BOOM (WIFE- 10" beard 2 year old -20 yards- Activ - 3" #4's) 7:47 BOOM (ME- 9" beard 2 year old-45 yards -Win HV - 3.5" #5's) And no that wasn't staged, we set up the cell phone camera on a timer and my Little Bit did that all on her own. We thought it was quite funny. lol Little Bit got...
  16. mallardsx2

    OHV Trails - Colorado National Forest Land

    So I have been doing some google earth snooping. I have found a couple areas I want to try but I keep finding these "random trails" zooming all over the national forest. It looks like 4 wheeler trails but upon closer inspection they are NOT legal trails. My fear is that I show up and a bunch of...
  17. mallardsx2

    Don't pet the moose lady...

    Breckenridge CO WTF is wrong with people.
  18. mallardsx2

    My "Western Rifle" Weight

    Random post here but I have been seeing a lot about ultralight rifles the last couple of years. Got out my wife's veggie scale today. Weighed my 300 WSM A-bolt SS Stalker With BOSS today. Leupold VX-II 4-12 Silver scope with front cap. 8 pounds 2 ounces (without the sling or ammo stuffed in...
  19. mallardsx2

    Last years deer meat? No problem...

    Had some deer steaks left over from last season. They go through the jerky slicer perfectly. :) If it was up to me I think I would turn every animal into jerky. I love the stuff. Also, I have had these wally world dehydrators for 15 years. They work great and cost next to nothing.
  20. mallardsx2

    Nothing worse than a THIEF....Shoot him if you see him!

    My buddy had his safety vest stolen! If anyone captures this thief....shoot him.