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  1. JimP

    Inserting Video's

    Can we insert Youtube videos into a post now? I have tried a couple of times and when I preview the thread it shows the video but when I post it to the forum nothing shows up? I have also noticed that Mr. Ikeepitcold has posted a number of videos in this forum and nothing is there. At least...
  2. JimP

    Colorado Left Over Tag List

    Here is a link to the left over list for Colorado big game that goes on sale August 6. I looked at it and it ticked me off seeing a single tag available for unit 44 Deer muzzle loader. Looks like someone drew it and then turned it back in but...
  3. JimP

    Testing Pictures

  4. JimP

    Colorado Tags are Showing UP

    The Colorado big game tags should be showing up. I just got my ML buck tag at the post office today, and yes they are still a piss green.
  5. JimP

    Spottng Scope to Phone Adapters

    Ok, so here is my problem. I picked up a Vortex Razor 20-60x85HD spotter last fall and now I want to hook my Samsung J7 phone to it. The only problem is that Phonescope does not make a holder for the phone and I am wondering what I really need to get. I see that they have a universal...
  6. JimP

    Pistol Storage

    Are you like me and have quite a few pistols and a firearm safe that only allows you to lay them down flat? I found this pistol rack, purchased it and now it is sitting in my safe waiting for the second one to arrive tomorrow. It works great. Now where I once had 4 or 5 pistols laying on...
  7. JimP

    Skull Hangers

    I was cruising around on some other forums and came upon this video that shows a number of different euro skull wall mounts. It does include a couple of the more popular ones and a few that I have never heard about. He does say that he is concerned with whitetail deer skulls but I am sure that...
  8. JimP

    Wyoming Unit 89

    I'm getting ready to put in for Wyoming and was looking at unit 89. I noticed that they have a early hunt and a late hunt. The odds of drawing the late hunt is better for me and my hunting partner but we would only have a week to hunt due to another hunt that he will have in Colorado starting...
  9. JimP

    Tentative Permit Numbers Are Out

    Here is a link to the RAC meeting addenda that has the tentative permit numbers for the fall hunts. These recommendations with go to the RAC meetings and then to the Wildlife Board where they will be adopted for the upcoming fall seasons. Some are up some are down. Naturally the hunts that I...
  10. JimP

    Very Cool Rifle

    Do you want to be the first kid on your block with a double barrel bolt action rifle? Well here is your chance to pick one up.
  11. JimP

    My Coues Buck is Home

    Well, after waiting for a little over 13 months my coues buck is finally home. He will change locations on the wall a few times but here are a couple of pictures. He was scored at 121 and some change. Well within the minimum if I decided to enter him into the books.
  12. JimP

    JilL's Javelina Hunt

    Well so far we have been fighting the winds every day except for Thursday but did get one in the morning before the rains came. Now for one more. More to come with pictures when I get to a real computer.
  13. JimP

    Colorado DOW Phone Town Hall

    Colorado Parks and Wildlife is going to have a phone in town hall tonight 1/28 for residents to listen and comment on the upcoming season structures. The town hall for residents is 1/28 TODAY and the one for non residents is set up for 2/4. So if you are interested join one or both of them...
  14. JimP

    And Another Fee Added

    Isn't life grand. Wyoming is now charging 2.5% for all credit card charges on your applications. Can we say "thank you Wyoming Legislature?"
  15. JimP

    .338 Barnes 185gr XBT Bullets

    Cleaning out my reloading supplies and I came upon some Barnes .338 185gr XBT bullets. These are the molly coated Barnes X bullets which when loaded will give you around 200fps more velocity than their plain copper X bullets. I had them for my .340 Weatherby and they were loaded up to 3350fps in...
  16. JimP

    Utah Big Game Application Guide Book

    You can tell it is close to the New Year since the Utah Big Game Application Guide Book is out. Good luck to all the applicants once you start putting in for those elusive tags.
  17. JimP

    Bear Baiting Lawsuit

    Looks like the wackos are at it again. It also looks like they picked where to file the lawsuit, lets just hope that the judge is a pro hunting one and not like the one that ruled on the grizzly hunts. The comments on the story should get interesting as they go along...
  18. JimP

    Bi..................g Buck Hit by Vehicle in Wy.

    Here is a buck that they figure was hit by a vehicle near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. And some other pictures.
  19. JimP

    Arizona's New Game Tags

    How do you folks like the new Arizona big game tags? I got my javelina tag in the mail the other day to find that it is no longer wallet size but close to a loose-leaf size tag with all kinds of advertising on the back of it. The upper portion with the tag can be torn off of the lower...
  20. JimP

    My Christmas Present to Myself

    Well, I really wasn't ready to buy one and had been looking at the CamoFire site over the last few weeks as they came onto it but I was wandering through a store the other day and it jumped out and into my arms and said that it wanted to go home with me. So now I am a owner of a Vortes...