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  1. Ikeepitcold

    WOOHOO!!!! My 2 new guns came today.

    I have one for camping. The kids love it and I have to admit I wish they were a bit more powerful
  2. Ikeepitcold

    B Zone Buck With a Handgun

    Great lookin buck.
  3. Ikeepitcold

    Christensen arms

    I’ve heard the same as above, inconsistency I’ve heard good things about Fierce rifles. The owner used to be at Christiansen I would take a hard look at Savage with the proof research barrel. I have one in 28 Nosler. I’m very happy with it and the cost is extremely less.
  4. Ikeepitcold

    To my hunting partner

    Wow sorry for your loss man. He would want you to deal with it the way you are. He will be there with you on every hunt.
  5. Ikeepitcold

    2020 Nevada Elk

    I drew in 06 and had to wait the 10 year waiting period and drew with 4 points this year. I had 10 points when I drew in 06.
  6. Ikeepitcold

    2020 Nevada Elk

    I filled my Nv tag I really had my heart set on a big 5 so that what I was looking for. I got pretty dang close I would say. Lol The bull in the last pic is a 6x7 I hunted for 3 days. The 3rd day I was set up in range for a shot in the same meadow he had fed into the last 2 mornings and evening...
  7. Ikeepitcold

    2020 Nevada Elk

  8. Ikeepitcold

    2020 Nevada Elk

  9. Ikeepitcold

    2020 Nevada Elk

  10. Ikeepitcold

    2020 Nevada Elk

  11. Ikeepitcold

    new Savage rifles

    Lol Perfect I’m in the right place.
  12. Ikeepitcold

    Savage 110 Rfles

    You can’t go wrong with Savage.
  13. Ikeepitcold

    new Savage rifles

    Great! Now I will need a new rifle from Savage. That makes 6 I think. Is there a help group should be a member of?
  14. Ikeepitcold

    Mule Deer Week starts Saturday

    Very cool. I like to see the progress each year as these deer make their way to the winter range.
  15. Ikeepitcold

    Any Waterfowl Hunters Around?

    Yes! Haven’t made it out this year unfortunatel. Lots of big game tags this year. thanks for the giveaway