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  1. mosquito

    So...What are your plans for 2021?

    Cow elk hunt in Wyoming if i can figure out a unit woth decent draw odds and decent success rates or Montana general tag for mule deer . 1 pp and 1 bonus point in Montana and 8 pp in Wyoming for elk and mule deer
  2. mosquito

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Its been a crazy year and I've heard a lot of people say " a year to forget " we all have something to be thankful for . I hope everyone enjoys their day and has a wonderful Thanksgiving
  3. mosquito

    Poaching Rant.... I had to look it up myself. .... and he was released for good behavior after an eyewitness saw him execute 2 officer's. Unbelievable
  4. mosquito

    When you realize you are getting old!

    Old timer i used to work with told me something ill never forget. He said you know your getting old when you a choice between a piece of a@# and a piece of apple pie and you have to think about it . 🤔
  5. mosquito

    Nebraska Muley, private land this time...

    Congratulations 👍👍
  6. mosquito

    The Memes Thread!

  7. mosquito

    Poaching Rant....

    With thermal imaging and night vision getting more affordable every year its only going to get worse. I hate to go against the grain here but i believe every case needs to be looked at individually. If a guy is out of work and pouching an extra doe a year to feed is family it should not be the...
  8. mosquito

    Wyoming question...

    Most of my ohio buddies have a few 130 to 155 mounted , myself included. I wouldn't say their common but if you hunt hard enough it probably every other year possibility . I have seen 2 170+ deer lifetime and didn't get a shot on either. Im really not into the who scoring thing . I will say...
  9. mosquito

    Wyoming question...

    Congratulations nice deer
  10. mosquito

    Entry level rifle on a budget

    Ruger American are great rifles. I own one and love it. Stock is junk but there are lots of after market options that can be upgraded later . They are really starting to get a loyal falling and every year i notice more and more aftermarket accessories.
  11. mosquito

    Looking for advice on antelope

    I have i have know idea on the draw odds there . I think its fantastic that your trying to make it work and love the fact that she has found interest in hunting. Hows she going to do with " practice " shooting? I wonder if you can start with a small caliper and work her way up to bigger "...
  12. mosquito

    Warmest socks or boots for cold weather sits

    I still like the toe warmers or hand warmers. If im planning on sitting after a long hike i take extra socks in a ziplock bag and change them when i get to my spot (dry ) then put the sweaty socks in the bag . Then hand warmers and sometimes another pair of socks. We used to do a winter...
  13. mosquito

    The Memes Thread!

    As a conservative i wouldn't have found this funny a couple days ago. My blood pressure has come down a bit and this made me smile. I thought id share
  14. mosquito

    First Timer

    You tube ,lots of reading, forums..... repeat. Get on state websites your looking into. Nobody's going to give you the puzzle only small pieces at a time . Introduce yourself and hang around
  15. mosquito

    The Memes Thread!

  16. mosquito

    It’s official.....he’s over 80”

    The magic mark ... congratulations
  17. mosquito

    2020 Montana season

    Thats awesome congratulations. I envy you 👍
  18. mosquito

    Something New To Hunt In Minnesota

    Its hard to believe that someone would release one that big ? No way it could survive the winter's.... I'd love to know the rest of that story
  19. mosquito

    Antelope numbers and tags issued?

    Well thats good news 👍
  20. mosquito

    One of our Guys has Covid.

    Get well soon !!! Thanks cc