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  1. elk*hunter

    What method do you ask a landowner permission to hunt?

    Looking for input on how others ask landowners for permission? I look at it like a "relationship" and put forth effort to make it last. It helps keep the hunting community in good standing. I tend to do as much research prior by plat maps, google earth, and local fish and game. I try to go...
  2. elk*hunter

    What's your FOC %?

    Arrow forward of center percent. What you guys got? I am 8.5% and I get good broadhead arrow flight they actually matches my field points. 350 total grains on my arrow, 298FPS. I have scene 7-10% is the range you want to be in from the "industry?" Any other info you got on the matter would be...
  3. elk*hunter

    FWP meeting Kalispell

    If you didn't know already FWP is having another public meeting with focus on 2012 -13 regulation changes. Meeting is at Red Lion Hotel downtown Kalispell January 7th at 10am. Even if you don't want to speak please just show up to let FWP know that we are watching. Hope to see a good turn out...