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    website issues

    I have been trying all morning to buy a license and apply for elk and antelope darn website keeps timing out or giving an error message. Anyone else having issues?
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    Wyoming MRS 2019

    I read the Eastmans MRS section for elk and I'm confused about points. Several times in the article in mentions that max points is 13 going into the draw. But then it mentions a few pages later that "a nonresident will need a bundle of points, well more than max at this point." Then there is...
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    Colorado Snow Chain laws

    Heading out for my first late season hunt this fall - 3rd rifle season. Will be in a 4 wheel drive GMC truck, will I be required to have snow chains in the vehicle? thanks
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    Need some info on Public Land and UTVs

    Heading out to Unit 66 for third season rifle hunt (bull elk tags). What are my options as far as taking a 4 wheeler or small off road vehicle (i have a chevy tracker set up for off road trails) on public land?. Thanks
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    Hunt in unit 66, 67

    ok i've got a few preference points and would like to do a 1st rifle hunt in unit 66 preferably. Would really like a trespass fee type hunt but am open to DYI or guided. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? I'd also be open to hunting a later season as well. thanks
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    Help with hanging a moose mount

    I'm about to get my 2016 Newfoundland bull back from the taxidermist. I suspect the mount will weigh around 75 lbs. Does that sound about right? I plan to hang it above our fireplace on a wall that is sheet rock. Any advice on how to hang this thing so that it is solid?
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    Landowner tags

    I have a cousin who lives in unit 66, any tips on finding deer or elk landowner tags there? would consider archery, rifle, or ML
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    Epic response to Oregon request to access property to study yellow legged frogs

    sorry if this has already been posted.
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    habitat stamp question - points only

    guys I will be applying for points only via credit card for elk, deer, and pronghorn (non-resident). i will also mail in applications for moose and sheep via paper. Do I have to pay the $10 habitat stamp fee for each species?
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    Fishing license for cheaper way to get points only?

    I did not hunt in CO last year for the first time in a few years so I'll be out the $40 points fee for three species. Can I buy a fishing license and not have to incur the $40 per species charge? if so how much is the fishing license?
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    CWD found in Arkansas

    Looking for some feedback here on what to do and not to do about CWD from some of you guys who live in states that have had CWD for years. It was announced that CWD was found in a cow elk in Arkansas that was killed back in October. My fear is our Game and Fish commission will overreact and...
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    Dove hunting around Yuma

    I am heading out to Yuma area for Thanksgiving and noticed that the late dove season opens Nov 26th. Is the hunting any good this time of year? anyone have any tips or know of any outfitters in the area? thanks
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    Hunters Ed point not showing up

    I took the Hunter's Ed class in late June in Arizona, my bonus points for it are not showing up on when I look up my points online. Should I be concerned? If so who should I contact?
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    Zeiss Terra

    anyone have any experience with the Zeiss Terra binos?
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    got my first mule deer from the taxidermist

    not a monster but I was thrilled to get him
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    hunters Ed field day

    Anyone gone through AZ hunters Ed for the permanent point? I have family out there and go to AZ from time to time but am having trouble finding a scheduled field day. Do they have any in January?
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    This could be helpful in the backcountry
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    Burris Eliminator II Riflescope

    Anybody have any field experience with this scope? We bought my dad one for a retirement present, we will be hunting elk / mule deer this fall during 2nd rifle season.
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    Digital subscription app

    I've switched over the digital version of the EHJ and EBHJ and was surprised to see i couuld not access the downloaded issues via the Ipad app if I did not have wi fi service. Am I doing something wrong or do you have to be online to be able to view issues using the app?