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    Found a big one

    So I have been sitting on a 390 bull for 3 days and I am just hoping like crazy he doesn't get bumped by another hunter. He is the best bull I have ever found with a tag in my pocket. Opening day cant get here soon enough.
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    The snow is really piling up

    I am stoked about all of the snow we're getting. The snow is up to my waist around the house. The lakes will be full this year, plenty of moisture everywhere and the sledding has been awesome!
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    Youth sitka kelvin jacket size M

    This is my son's coat that he outgrew. It is in great condition . No holes, snags or tears. He only wore it 5-6 times. $100 you pay shipping Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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    Trail cam pics

    Here's a couple trail cam pics. We literally ended up with hundreds of pics in the week we had them out. It's cool knowing what's out there.
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    Palisade peaches

    Just bought 4 boxes of these beauties. This weekend I will slice them up and put them on the dehydrator. These are possibly the finest treats in the world to have in hunting camp.
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    Food plots

    Well we just wrapped up with our second season hunters which was very successful but I am wondering how we could do even better with one of our properties. We currently have about 75 acres of alfalfa near Craig Colorado that attracts quite a few deer but I was wondering if one of the food plot...
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    New sheep and goat regs are out

    Looks like us residents have a few more sheep choices this year. Anybody care to guess what the drawing odds will be on all of the new private ranch hunts? My guess is no less than 200-1 for each ranch.
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    Walk in cooler

    We recently demo'd a building and there was a walk in cooler. The cooler was 2 years old. This is the part that was the freezer and is approximately 8x10. It has a floor and a door. Comes with 2 refrigerator compressors and a freezer compressor. All panels are labeled for easy reassembly...
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    Free car wash today

    They did a pretty good job but they missed a few spots. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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    Filled the freezer on the Flat tops

    I've been too busy to download the pics off my camera but better late than never. I had a great year on the flat tops and managed to fill both of my tags this year. It takes a lot of patience sitting on that meadow every evening but I know they will eventually come in there to feed. Where we...
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    56 elk seasons later

    Well after 56 elk seasons my dad finally got the bull that eluded him for so long. 15 in. 5ths and 23" between the fifth and sixth points. He is beyond happy with this bull and I am ecstatic that I was able to be there with him when it happened.
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    Found some goats

    My son thought they were pretty cool. He was able to get within 10 yards of these. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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    The Bulls are big this year

    We rode into our camp this weekend to cut our firewood for elk season and we saw about 200 elk and at least 8 bulls that were huge. Can't wait to get up there this year. We always see elk on our firewood trips but nothing like we saw this time. It should be a stellar year.
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    New statistics page

    I just glanced at the new statistics and I am impressed, we don't have to guess at how many tags went to what anymore. I even reflects that the weighted point system is working. Gotta give CPW kudos for this one.
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    Late migration hunts

    What are your thoughts on the late season hunts in 56 and 58. I know they aren't what they once were, but are they good enough to justify the tough draw odds. I have max points and don't mind waiting because I hunt elk at home every year and I am waiting for a premium Wyoming elk hunt.
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    One great day

    I just returned from taking my 8 year old son on his first deer hunt and it was one of those hunts that I will never forget. After the shot, I have never seen him so excited and he is still talking about it nonstop. I tried repeatedly to get him set up on deer with a rifle but without a bipod...
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    September is getting better

    Some of my friends bulls. Who says Colorado only has raghorns. Both bulls dyi public land
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    Good start to September

    My 7 yr. old son just passed his hunters safety and wanted to do some grouse hunting. As you can see from the pics there were 6 birds taken with 6 shots but one of us used 4 shells to take our birds while the other one only used 2. I'm not saying who shot more but we'll just call it beginners...
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    Annoys the crap out of me

    I have never been on a guided hunt but I am considering doing one down the road. While researching outfitters I have discovered a trend that just rubs me wrong.....Paying a trophy fee based on the size of the animal. I can understand this on high fence operations but not when hunting public...
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    How much do you spend on your elk hunt

    My friend and I were recently looking at going on a whitetail hunt in the Midwest and I was kind of surprised at the cost of whitetail tags in some of the states. It got me wondering about how much you guys from out of state usually spend on an elk hunt out west ( gas, food, license and...