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  1. Drhorsepower

    New Zealand Tahr/Chamois hunt CHEAP!

    Posting for a friend, if you have questions, on me and I?ll connect you with him. I over committed on buying this hunt and now need to sell it and cut my losses. I?m taking quite a hit, but that?s how goes sometimes. Attached is the exact specifics but here?s the short version: 5 day New...
  2. Drhorsepower

    For sale bunch of kifaru

    24" bikini frame in coyote I'm guessing medium belt, I'm a 33" waste and there is plenty more adjustment. I've hosed it off but there are some blood stains that will probably come off with high pressure. Asking 250 4800 highcamp in highlander and standard lid. It has k hooks. Great bag...
  3. Drhorsepower

    FOR SALE Sitka gear

    Hey all, I have the following Sitka for sale, all is optifade unless otherwise specified. Smoke free home. Large 90% jacket- 150 $ shipped "bandit" neck gaitor- 15$ shipped 2- medium core crew shirts in good shape- 40$ each shipped core balaclava- 15$ shipped medium merino crew long sleeve...
  4. Drhorsepower

    ATTENTION Reno, NV residents

    A friend of mine and I used to do a workout class focusing on the mountain hunter. We are starting it back up and we are looking for like minded folks to join us! Whether you are looking to get into shape this upcoming year or trying to take this class to improve on your already awesome body...
  5. Drhorsepower

    Best non lead bullet

    Does anyone have first hand experience with non lead bullets and performance on deer? If so which would you recommend? California's new law will go into effect so I might as well start working up a load now...
  6. Drhorsepower

    Nevada needs your help!

    In 2011, NDOW board of Commissioners voted to not allow Blackhorn 209 powder during muzzleloader season. This decision was based on uneducated facts about the powder. They were told it is a smokeless powder which it is not. It has the same classification as other blackpowder substitutes by the...
  7. Drhorsepower

    World Series predictions

    It's that time of the year again!!!! Who do you want to see make it? Who do you not want to see make it? Heading out tomorrow for game 1 of alds between tigers and the ATHLETICS!!! I'm super excited! We have some revenge to get on these guys from last year;)
  8. Drhorsepower

    Best muzzleloader bullet for elk

    I want to hear from experience on this one! What bullet and grain have you had luck with on elk? I'm going to start working up loads and load development starts with the bullet IMO so I don't want to start with something that hasn't performed well In the past. Thanks!
  9. Drhorsepower

    What do you look for in a bullet?

    I'm curious on folks thoughts on bullet attributes. Do you prefer a bullet that holds their weight retention? Spread out and create alot of damage? High bc? What do you guys think?
  10. Drhorsepower

    Az archery OTC mule deer 2013

    Hey guys and gals, I spent most of the month in Arizona chasing deer, I connected on this buck, it was a great experience, I learned alot about my family, gear and deer! I will be back down there chasing bear hopefully this summer and coues next year when I am eligible. What an outstanding start...
  11. Drhorsepower

    Phoneskope phone adapters

    I received my phoneskope iPhone 5 adapter today and had a little time to play with it, I really like it and wanted to share this product with you guys. I intend to do a review of this product in a few weeks once I put some miles in the field with it. I think my digiscoping problems are solved...
  12. Drhorsepower


    I'm a huge baseball fan and my team Oakland athletics just clinched playoff berth. This guy is on cloud 9! What's everyone's team? Are they going to make it?
  13. Drhorsepower

    A little piece of Nevada...

    For the wondering minds what this state looks like, here are a few photos from a recent trip.
  14. Drhorsepower

    What is your fall back tag?

    When you strike out on the tags you applied for, what is your fall back tag? I'm looking for ideas to expand my hunting opportunities and chances to improve my hunting skills.( us Nevadans typically can't get out in the field every year unless it's helping a buddy out or going out of state) I...
  15. Drhorsepower

    Do you believe in Sasquatch?

    Given our hobbies and most of us spend alot of time outdoors, does anybody believe in Sasquatch?
  16. Drhorsepower

    I really need to get my daughter archery tackle.

    She needs an upgrade from her "imaginary" bow
  17. Drhorsepower

    new report from Nevada on recommended quotas

    When I read this, all I see is dollar signs. Anyone who has lived here pre el niño knows this is a bunch of bs.
  18. Drhorsepower

    What can deer/elk see?

    So I got this killer deal on some frogg toggs light weight rain jacket and pants. It was advertised as reflective wear, I saw the reflective accents in the store and thought I can do something to get rid of it, when I get them home I noticed there is reflective stuff sewn in fabric that I did...
  19. Drhorsepower

    My daughter at the fishing derby

    We went to the Lassen Sportsmans fishing derby today and my daughter took second place! I'm proud of her! Its sad that parents are teaching their children to cheat like they do, rules say limit 5 and you have to keep all of the fish you catch. I saw so many hooks pulled out of smaller fish and...
  20. Drhorsepower

    Boise Idaho. Anyone live there?

    Can you give me pros and cons? How do you like it. There is a slight chance I might be moving there. I have been there a few times on assignment but my exposure is limited. What do you guys think of the city?