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  1. Trapper62

    Wyoming Unit 36 cow/calf

    Well the brother in law and I have pretty much busted on everything this year regarding tags. So we put in for and got the tag in the title, thought a meat hunt was better than no hunt. We are by no means green when it comes to hunting but we know absolutely zero about this unit other than what...
  2. Trapper62

    ND Bull Elk

    My son got his elk back from the taxidermist. He drew his once in a lifetime tag for ND this past fall. Had a blast hunting with him, but those are some big critters.
  3. Trapper62

    A few 2016 waterfowl pictures

    Here are a few pictures from the fall of 2016 Early season Canada Goose Youth only weekend with my nephew A few sandhills mixed mallards and pintails
  4. Trapper62

    Hello from ND

    Hello All, I am born and raised in ND and grew up in a hunting family, it was a tradition! I have hunted just about everything ND has to offer except moose and bighorn, they are tough tags to draw. My love is mule deer hunting, in the early 70's tags were pretty easy to get but now they are a...