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  1. arwaterfowler

    sleeping bag syndrome

    Agreed. I'm a huge fan of WM bags. I've got a wide frame. The WM are a little wider than most bags and the quality is very good.
  2. arwaterfowler

    Brass Trimming

    Folks, I'm a fairly new reloader. I've reloaded about 1000 rounds of pistol cartridges and just started reloading rifle rounds. I'm currently working up a load for 300 WSM. The Hornady and Nosler manuals call for a trim length of 2.1". I've got the following brass at the stated trim lengths...
  3. arwaterfowler

    In the market for a hunting pack

    I’m a big fan of the Mystery Ranch packs. I have a Metcalf and a Marshall.
  4. arwaterfowler

    Christenson Arms Ridgeline

    Best news I’ve heard in awhile. They must not have updated their website.
  5. arwaterfowler

    Christenson Arms Ridgeline

    I wish they made lefty’s in larger calibers
  6. arwaterfowler

    CO archery Elk unit 48

  7. arwaterfowler

    Advice for new .22 pistol

    I agree with folks on the wheel gun. I've fired the compact S&W's and have a full size K frame in 22lr.
  8. arwaterfowler

    CC Hits!

    I got lucky and drew a 2nd season deer tag along the Utah border. Very excited and I hope my application in WY does’t hit.
  9. arwaterfowler

    Demographics of Eastmans Hunting Forum

    I’m 40, a civil engineer by trade and work for a construction company in Omaha, NE. I grew up in Arkansas and moved to NE in 2013.
  10. arwaterfowler

    What is your go to elk rifle / ammunition combo?

    Tikka T3 Lite 300 WSM pushing 180 Nosler Accubonds has been my go-to for the last 8 years. I have thought about upgrading the rifle but I haven't found a left handed rifle in 300 WSM that I like. I also use a Thompson Center Omega with Blackhorn 209 pushing a Barnes TMZ Spitfire 250 gr...
  11. arwaterfowler

    2020 draw results thread

    Zilch for me
  12. arwaterfowler

    What Pistols Do You All Carry?

    Do you have a recommendation on a CCW holster for your weapon?
  13. arwaterfowler

    2020 draw results thread

    Gotcha, thanks for sharing
  14. arwaterfowler

    2020 draw results thread

    May I ask, where did you read the 17th?
  15. arwaterfowler

    Hunting Seasons In Trouble?

    Just a question...what happens if hunting seasons are closed this year? May not be likely, but as a NR hunter I am concerned. Do you think the agencies will cancel tags? Carry over any drawn or purchased tags to 2021?
  16. arwaterfowler

    April 7...Decision Day

    I decided to cash in and hunt. I've got 9 points and I'm tired of sitting on the sidelines. Depending on how many new applicants jump in to the draw of course...
  17. arwaterfowler

    Mule deer decision

    Fellas, With the season structure change, and a little impatience, I'm strongly considering burning my mule deer points this year. I have enough points to draw either Unit 21 2nd season or Unit 40 3rd season. I've hunted around the west, but never in western CO. I'm hoping to get a few opinions...
  18. arwaterfowler

    Missouri Elk

    Great conservation success story!
  19. arwaterfowler


    I actually got on the forum today specifically to see if others were having an issue. I'm bummed too.
  20. arwaterfowler

    Google Earth BLM Overlay

    Fellas, I've tried to find a BLM overlay to help scout in a Google Earth. I've found a few links that people say work for them, however I haven't been able to get them to work for me. I am using Google Earth Pro and specifically scouting Montana. What links do you guys use? Sent from my iPhone...