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    Arizona 5BN

    Was looking for some help. My Dad and I drew Arizona 5BN Archery Tags. Any advice about this unit, would be greatly appriecated. Can't make it down there before the season to scout, but should be able to hunt the full two weeks season. Any help would be nice.
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    Silvies Unit (Archery)

    Was thinking of huniting a new unit this year. And was wondering if anyone had advice that they are willing to share for the Silvies Unit ?? Thanks any advice would be helpful.
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    Wolves ?? Anyone have any success with those tags ??

    Just was wondering if anyone has had any luck filling those Wolf Tags ........
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    Loaded Day Pack Weight ??

    I'm just wondering how much peoples packs weighs that they would carry for a day pack. I'm a little embarrased how much mine weighs. I'm carried a full tripod and big spotting scope, but still. (20 lbs) Am I crazy ??
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    Drawing Odds.

    Was wondering if anyone had any good sight to figure out Draw odds. I have used But was wondering if anyone had anything else....
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    Bridgford Sandwiches ??

    Just wondering if anyone has tried these. Which one they would recommend ??
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    Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak

    Was wondering if there were any one on here that have used one of these. And what they thought? Or would they just recommend bite the bullet and just get a canvas tent? Another one I'm kinda wondering about is the Cabelas blend wall tent?
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    Nikon fieldscope 50mm ED

    Wonder what people thought about this spotting scope?