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    2020 Youth Duck Hunt

    This years hunt at the club was epic to say the least. Ducks and geese pouring into a field like a hunt you usually just watch on TV. 5 girls and 2 boys in our blind took 19 mallards and 6 geese. Two buckets full of empty's ,i'd say that's a great day. My daughter got her first ducks in the air...
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    Asked my 12yr old if she wanted to go to the duck club ,says not really we just sit there. Ok well local lake just opened but boats not ready , do you want to shore fish, yeah lets do that she says. I think isn’t that sitting. Get there late set up and look over to a big pile of trash, tell her...
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    The Day we Dred

    Took my GSP in to the vet yesterday and got the dreaded news he has cancer, thought he would get the next couple years to enjoy retirement but it looks like it will be a few months instead. This was his last hunt and limit
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    Youth Deer Hunt

    Heading out tomorrow to central NV for my 12 yr old daughters first big game hunt ever, to say I am excited would be a understatement. She shot her first duck a couple weeks ago during the youth opener. She has put almost 2 boxes through her youth .243 and I think if she gets a chance she'll get...
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    Mossberg Maverick 20ga

    Anyone out there own one, 11 yr old daughter just passed her hunter safety. Looking to get her first shot gun and don't want to break the bank just yet. My first was the mossberg 500 which comes in a youth model thats $40 more. Any thoughts thanks.
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    Bad luck just turn into good luck

    Was notified on Saturday by NDOW that I got a turned in cow elk tag, looks like i'll be big game hunting after all. Its a God send, been dealing with a ptsd / delusional son IRAQ VET. Not easy taking guns away from someone but I had to do it for the sake of many.
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    T.C Encore

    T.C. Encore 50 cal(used) for $200 would you buy this gun. Been wanting to get into this for awhile now. Its killed deer,elk, any thoughts. Thanks
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    Hello,Time to Contribute from NV

    Joined here a few years ago but not officially so here goes. Native Nevadan figure its time to contribute but like many of you I am not here to get your spots nor give mine away. Figure if you are in your spot and I am in mine where happy, however we may me share some of the same spots from time...