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  1. mallardsx2

    2020 Trip

    I'm also a 2 spares kinda
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    Typical or Non Typical?

    I only shoot typicals. Probably because I haven't ever seen a non-typical. lol
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    Antelope numbers and tags issued?

    Nice pictures!
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    Preparing for a Western Hunt

    My tire chains and shovel never leave my truck and I live in GA. lol
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    My Archery Hitlist (whitetail)

    In case anyone remembers my post about the buck with the basketballs from a year ago.....this is the same buck. Here is a picture of him in all of his glory...."Hello ladies!" lol This deer at this point is 6.5 years old. Goes to show you how long it takes for a deer to get "Big" down here....
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    My Archery Hitlist (whitetail)

    Got this guy on camera a couple times but man there was a lot of shooting in the area in the first two weeks of the season. I did pass up a couple of bucks so far. Nothing great to speak of. Both of these pictures were taken early last week when the temps were still cool. Last weekend we did 3...
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    Elk Hunting Tricks

    Lot of truth to this. I shot my elk 475 yards from where my buddy killed his and missed another the night before. My wife killed her bull 50 yards from where I missed one back in 2010. Lots of other examples I could come up with as well but often times the elk are in fact in the same place...
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    My #1 hit lister down.... but not by me

    Thats a sting for sure.
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    Antelope numbers and tags issued?

    What did you kill?
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    Your Oldest Animal

    I shot a goose that was older than me one time and I was in my late teens. I shot a female black bear that was if I recall 10 years 10 months old. And yes that is the same sweatshirt I was wearing 12 years ago that I was wearing this year when I killed my I shoot a cow elk in...
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    Headed for Wyoming

    He must be running again....
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    Daughter holds the biggest buck in the household

    Sweet video! I am sure you are one proud dad for sure!
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    Headed for Wyoming

    Sweet! Sounds like a target rich environment!
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    2020 Whitetail Success Thread

    I didn't see any of these started. If I missed it please delete. Wife on the board. She shot this deer with a 308 broadside at 20 yards. It was still alive 2 hours later and things "got a little western" when I was trying to finish it off. That bullet went straight through and never touched...
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    Headed for Wyoming

    For some reason your Wyoming picture in those jogging britches made me think of the Forest Gump scene where " I just felt like ruuunnnniiing" lol
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    Mo money

    15X56 SLC's Save your beer can money and go get you some. You wont regret it.
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    Rolling out

    No doubt but for some reason that doesn't happen to me lol
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    Demographics of Eastmans Hunting Forum

    Every sow I have ever shot was good to eat. Every boar I killed over 100 was pretty strong but the backstraps were tasty. The BIGGEST thing about hogs is to remove the gland sacks and not get them into your ground meat. There are a couple in the front and back and they look like little packs...
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    Daughter holds the biggest buck in the household

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing!