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  1. lostinOregon

    2014 Colorado bucks are home

    I have a awesome taxidermist who just finished my wife's CO muzzy buck and my CO 2nd season buck. I can't get enough mule deer hunting. Hope you enjoy the photos. I am not a technical genius so if these photos don't show up please send me a cell phone number so I can send the photos to you to...
  2. lostinOregon

    90 percenter

    I really enjoyed the article in the last Journal titled 90%er. I truly believe that this rule applies especially as it comes to mule deer. I thought we could have a little fun with this. In the article there were some funny examples of what a 90 %er is or does. So, i know a bunch of you have a...
  3. lostinOregon

    Nevada 2014 statistics posted

    They are available on the nevada site, Rich