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    Animals in Packs!

    Buddy's bull from last year. A little excessive on the 550 cord, I know.
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    The 2018 Antelope Picture Thread!

    Couple lopes from NE New Mexico
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    Full/life sized paper elk targets

    I have always wondered why nobody has marketed something like this. I have a printer client. Took him a picture, we messed with the dimensions until it was about right. He printed on some heavy duty material (like you see on youth sports banners). Had him overlap the edges so it left a loop...
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    Gila Outfitters

    Here's who I would go with. I don't know the guy personally, but my buddy grew up with him. I don't think there is anybody around that knows Gila elk than these guys. Attached is a picture of a bull one of his guides shot on his own hunt.
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    2013 season success stories

    Little satellite bull from Gila, 3rd bowhunt last year Here's the herd bull that the satellite was pestering. My buddy shot him same night.
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    Anybody know what this is?

    Some other pictures from that cam
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    Anybody know what this is?

    Well then how about this picture from a couple weeks earlier at the same tank.
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    Anybody know what this is?

    One of my rancher clients in the Gila (NM) sent me this picture from his game camera at one of his drinkers and asked if I knew what it was. There isn't an exotic game ranch anywhere close to his place. Nearest I could come up with is a Persian Ibex (they were released by Game and Fish in NM...
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    NM Leftover Tags

    NM Dept of Game and Fish will put its leftover tags on sale 7/11 at 10AM via their website (FYI-plan on their site crashing numerous times). Residents get the first crack at it (by law, NMDGF has to give residents 24 hours before it is opened to nonresidents). Doesn't look there is much in the...