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    Back Issues of Eastmans Journal

    If anyone is interested in back issues of the Journal, I have part of 1997 to 2012. Not sure why I saved them, but wife said they should go. If you're interested, send me a PM and we can work something out. Not looking to make a killing on these, but just spread around. I'll split them up or...
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    Wyoming Unit 78

    I know this is last minute, but does anyone have any experience in Unit 78? Hunted Unit 17 last year by Gillette, bought a leftover tag, access was horrible as expected, but my grandson did get a nice buck before he headed off to the Army. Looking to burn our points this year and go with...
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    Wyoming Deer Units 141/162

    Any info on these units, looks like you still can draw them with 6 points. Like the dates better and no general hunt...
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    Wyoming Deer Unit 117

    Anyone got info or history on Wyoming Deer Unit 117? Biologist said Unit 119 was the best area in his region, but I don't have enough points to draw (according to last years statistics). With point creep, I'm just checking all options. Last week I thought point creep was like global warming...
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    2013 Idaho Mule Deer

    DIY/Public Land - Unoffical score 163 7/8 gross and 156 6/8 net.
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    2013 Idaho Succes X 2

    My Grandson was very fortunate in the draws this year!! Public Land / DIY
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    Idaho Elk

    My grandson got this elk last week in a controlled hunt in Idaho. DIY, Public Land, Non-Motorized, just him and I, can't get much better!!
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    2011 Idaho DIY - Public Land

    I was fortunate to be able to hunt for 9 days straight, saw lots of bucks, saw a few larger than this buck, but either passed or was unable to harvest. Took this buck on the last afternoon and am very pleased. Had a great hunt with lots of help from family and friends.