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  1. Muleyslayer

    Colorado Rio

    Kind of late but I've been super busy. A couple fo weeks ago my buddy Jace and I were hunting turkey's down in southeastern Colorado. We had been set up on some birds all afternoon. About an hour before dark things had slowed way down and we decided to try and roost birds in another location...
  2. Muleyslayer


    I picked up my 2010 Colorado Buck Friday, really pleased with him. I added him to one of my archery only walls. Post some of your favotrite Mule Deer Mounts!
  3. Muleyslayer

    Utah General Archery

    Anyone hunting the general archery hunt in Utah this year. What has your experience been on that hunt?
  4. Muleyslayer

    This will be my home!

    Thanks for the Forum Eastmans' Right here in the Mule Deer section is where you can find me!! Marc Smith Peyton, CO