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  1. ssliger

    2016 Southeast Alaska Fishing Trip

    My Uncle and I had been talking about going on a fishing trip ever since we got back from our Quebec Caribou hunt in 2014. We finally decided that 2016 was the year, we did some research and my uncle had some friends who had gone previously. We decided that we would go on a mostly un-guided...
  2. ssliger

    Trail Cam pics

    I'm in the "if it's brown, it's down" camp. Any legal elk that gets in range is getting an arrow sent at it. But for fun, what do you think this guy would score? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. ssliger

    FS 2011 Hoyt Rampage XT

    This is a great shooting bow. This one is the XT model which is 33" axle to axle, has the #3 cam and is set at 28.5", 70-80lb limbs. Normal wear and tear of a bow. Comes with a Trophy Taker FC rest. Riser and limbs in Max 1. Strings have one season on them, made by 60X. Have the original strings...
  4. ssliger

    Quebec bound!!!

    Just checked in for my flight, I'll be in Montreal tonight and be out looking for Caribou tomorrow afternoon.
  5. ssliger

    WY Antelope area 94

    Just an FYI for any hunters with this tag. I just received an email from WY Game and fish with numbers to call to access private property. Here is a screen shot with the numbers. Hope this can help some people.
  6. ssliger

    Great beginner pack!

    I have a Badlands 4800 pack for sale, I used it last fall and it worked great. It is clean, has no stains. If interested I can post pics. Looking to get $200. This is to your door in the lower 48. It's a great pack for someone who wants to try backpack hunting and not wanting to spend an arm or...
  7. ssliger

    2009 Hoyt Alphamax 35

    Just like the title says, I have a used 2009 Hoyt Alphamax 35 for sale. This is a sweet shooting rig. It has brand new Winners Choice strings on it. Only minor blemishes from use. Perfect for the western hunter with its longer ATA. Looking for $425, or best offer. This includes shipping to your...
  8. ssliger

    First Archery Elk hunt (the Story)

    I posted pictures of my elk hunt last week, here is the link Many people had asked for the story so here it is. Four years ago, my wife and kids had gone up to Casper WY to visit family. Being on call...
  9. ssliger

    Bugs in the high country

    What do you guys use for all the bugs in the high country. I took the family out last night for a hike at around 10000' and did not make it very far. We had to turn around cause the bugs were eating us alive. When your out scouting do you use bug spray, do you use the thermacell's? Is there...
  10. ssliger

    Wyoming Moose

    Saw this little guy yesterday, took the pictures thru my spotter with my Iphone.
  11. ssliger

    Archery Elk, start high or start low?

    I am taking a week off this year to hunt elk with my bow. This will be my first actual week long archery hunt. My question is I can hike in from the south of my area and be at timberline almost right away. Or I could hike in from the East and start at the bottom of the drainage. What are your...
  12. ssliger

    Happy Fathers Day!

    Just wanted to give all you dads a shout out and have a great fathers day. Today is also my Anniversary, kids are at grandmas house so we are going four wheeling all day. It's gonna be great.
  13. ssliger

    High end spotter help

    My wife gave me the go a head on a new spotter. I am looking at the Meopta HD with an 82mm, and the Swarovski 65mm. What are your thoughts? If I can swing it, is the Swarovski 80mm worth the extra $600. Or would I be good with the 65. I hunt the Rockies. I will be packing it. I will use it for...
  14. ssliger

    Boots for the Tundra?

    I am going on a Caribou hunt and wanted to know what you guys use for boots. I see a lot of hunters using boots like Muck boots, and Bogs. But I need far more support than those boots give.
  15. ssliger

    Who is heading to S.L.C. next week?

    Just wondering who all was going to be at the I.S.E. next week in Salt Lake. I am going fishing at the Flaming Gorge Saturday and then heading to the show on Sunday. Planning on talking with some Caribou outfitters. My Uncle, brother in-law and myself are planning a Caribou hunt for 2014. I will...
  16. ssliger

    What's the difference?

    Alright you bow junkies, I need your help. What is the difference: Helical right- Helical left- Offset- I am having my arrows fletched (have not tried myself). The shop said they are setup to do only right helical. My other arrows are set up offset and I wanted to try helical. Can you guys...
  17. ssliger

    Changing Bow sight

    I recently ordered a Spot Hogg Hunter Hogg it with wrap. If anyone knows someone who needs a good sight for a bargain, PM me. I have a Axcel Armortech HD 5 pin bow sight for sale. Only used one season. Brand new costs $200, I'll ship to someone for $100.
  18. ssliger

    Big Valentines Day Shout out to the ones who live with us!

    I wanted to give a shout out to my amazing wife. Sitting at home suffering with a bad case of cabin fever right now. Just got my new Badlands 4500 last week, and keep loading it up and walking around my house (kind of sad), new GPS arriving Tuesday, new bow sight on order. I was going to sell my...
  19. ssliger

    How do you use your GPS?

    I have had a GPS for quite a few years now and am in the middle of upgrading. I currently have one of the first Garmin E-Trex made. Basically it has no maps just a screen that shows where you are and where other way points are. I just placed and order for a Garmin Oregon 450T. All the reviews I...