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  1. Gr8bawana

    This is why...

    This is why I'm so reluctant to give info to new members. New guy sends me PM asking about some of the areas I've posted about in NV. I figured I would wait a while to see if he stuck around and participated on the forum. His PM was on Jan. 23rd and the last time he was on the forum was on...
  2. Gr8bawana

    And so it begins!

    Time to begin making decisions
  3. Gr8bawana

    Chasing Chukars

    My son and I went out and did some Chukar hunting last weekend. We saw a lot of birds and managed to kill a few. The country is awful dry and the birds were usually within mile or so from guzzlers and a spring we know of.
  4. Gr8bawana

    Waiting for some action

    There's only a few weeks before the first archery season open. Hope you lucky tag holders have success and post your pics because it's been awful slow around here. Good luck to you all.
  5. Gr8bawana

    EBHJ Anchor Point

    I read Anchor Point in this month EBHJ and I'm glad to see Eastman's take a stand on crossbows. Ike says they will stick to the view that "a bow is a bow and a crossbow is something else". I know this is a controversial subject but I agree 100%. Thanks Eastman's!
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    So my wife wants to buy me a GPS because I've mentioned how sometimes it's hard to find the truck in the dark in unfamiliar places or in thick cover after dark. Since I've never used one I'm wondering just how they work. Since we don't hunt anywhere private property boundaries are a factor I...
  7. Gr8bawana

    Venison flank steak

    Ok guys I've got a couple of nice flank steaks off my buck this year so should I just throw it into the grind or try and make some actual flank steak recipe like fajitas or something. This is the first time I saved them.
  8. Gr8bawana

    Ruby's mountain goats

    Here's some pics of the mountain goat we saw while deer hunting. It was encouraging to see all the kids with the nannies for the future of the herd. The goats came around the peak on the right in the first pic. We watched the 2 billys rolling and kicking dirt on themselves. They certainly didn't...
  9. Gr8bawana

    Late rifle deer hunt

    Went on my much anticipated late season rifle deer hunt and ended up taking a little 3 point we spotted from camp. It's pretty hard to pass on a gift buck since he was so close to the dirt road in the canyon, we only had to drag him about 20 feet. That was after having to chase him down and...
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    My son shot a couple of Ruffed Grouse while he was out looking for Chukars. These are the first ones we've ever eaten and they were delicious. I've had them less than 10 feet from me while bow hunting and never thought about shooting one with my bow but now that we know how good they are they...
  11. Gr8bawana

    Limited opportunity hunt

    I just got back from helping my bro on his cow elk hunt in one of the "limited opportunity' areas. There are very few elk but we always mange to find some. This was the first time out of 5 tags that we didn't shoot anything, the others were "any elk" tags. We did have a chance at some cows but...
  12. Gr8bawana

    Slow around here

    Wow! I've been gone since the 17th and there are no new posts of animals on our NV forum. Surely someone has had some success out in our NV hunts so far.
  13. Gr8bawana

    Wild elk?

    Last week while driving down the highway north of San Luis Res we saw a herd of elk in a big field. Are those wild Tule elk or are they a captive herd? Just curious since I've never seen elk in CA before.
  14. Gr8bawana

    New NV regulation

    NDOW approved this new regulation on shed antler hunting. I'm not sure if it is in effect now or whether it starts next year. Just something to be aware of for you shed hunters.
  15. Gr8bawana

    Mountain lion

    How many of you guys that pick up a mountain lion tag to have in case you happen to see one during your hunts have ever gotten lucky? I've been buying one ever since I had a lion at about 40 yards during an archery hunt in the Ruby's 7 or 8 years ago and didn't have a tag and I wasn't fast...
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    Nevada Moose

    About 15-20 years ago I saw a picture in the Elko newspaper of a small bull moose said to be taken near Jarbidge. I figured it was just a young bull wandering from Idaho in search of cows. I never thought the day would come where we have an actual population of moose, however small. Anyone ever...
  17. Gr8bawana

    Neighborhood predator

    Saw this guy behind the house the other day when I looked out to see what all the ravens were doing out there. After they all left I went to see what they were eating and found the remains of someones dog. When the coyote left it took the head with it perhaps to give to pups in a den. Almost...
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    I know this is a hunting forum but I just have to vent somewhere. It really pisses me off that some a**hole did this again at Comins Lake just outside of Ely NV. It was quite the trophy trout fisherie until somebody introduced northern pike into it about 15 years ago. They just decimated the...
  19. Gr8bawana

    Who's first?

    Since I drew 0 tags this year I'm living vicariously through those of you who will be hunting big game this year. Who is going to be the first one to post pics of their NV big game? Good luck to you all on your hunts.
  20. Gr8bawana

    Lake Tahoe

    Here's a pic of Lake Tahoe on June 10th 2017 just before a snowstorm on the 11th.