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  1. Gerald

    Mooseapalooza 2019 Colorado

    With a cow moose tag right? hope he gets another chance to go after his once in a lifetime bull moose tag again in the future.. a moose hunt here in colorado would be awesome to experience someday. Congratulations on a very successful year for y'all
  2. Gerald

    1st Kill With the Lefty Bow

    Nice work! dragging a whole buck solo for a mile is no easy task ha congratulations
  3. Gerald

    Tag Soup 2019

    Had a buck and doe pronghorn tag for the same hunt same unit but only got the buck tag filled. then i had a bull elk tag filled on the 6th day of a tough hunt that felt really good to fill.. then i had a big bummer of a hunt for my buck tag which i had on the very top of my list of hunts i was...
  4. Gerald

    Found a big one

    Yeah I too am hoping you got that 390 bull down this morning!
  5. Gerald

    Pennsylvania ELK

    Oh i so would love to see more shots and angles on this bull... what a beaut!
  6. Gerald

    Scouting 2019

    What a buck colorado v! congrats on a super successful hunt this year
  7. Gerald

    2 man Hot Tent Options - 2019

    Anybody heard of the brand "Luxe" that supposedly makes hot tents too? thats what my buddy has and is planning on using this winter on our hunts together.. ill ask him what the model name was just wondering if anybody had heard anything about it or used their tents in the past..
  8. Gerald

    So far it's been tough

    I always say if you're not finding them, go higher. I like to keep gaining elevation in new and unfamiliar units until I eventually find the elk. Glass as much as you can from as many high points as you can and above all else.. just keep hunting. Keep being out there in good looking elk country...
  9. Gerald

    The 2019 Mule Deer Success Thread!

    yeah its gonna be a heck of a season for me this year... growing up in Colorado ive only had the chance to hunt three buck tags my whole life ha waiting for at least 7 years per tag.. this year finally got lucky grabbing a leftover tag without having to burn up my points so im pretty excited for...
  10. Gerald

    Preparing for the hunt

    The small things tend to be forgotten.. most important thing to me is a good nights rest so you can keep hunting hard for longer and enjoy your hunt more. a good mattress/ pad to sleep on and my favorite pillow always come with me whenever I've got a base camp by the road. when backpacking i...
  11. Gerald

    The 2019 Mule Deer Success Thread!

    Yes early season rifle opened today here in Colorado... boy I sure wish I was out there! gotta wait til December before I can add mine to this thread but looking forward to see some awesome antler size in our bucks this year. been seeing some of the best mass and length in some of the fullest...
  12. Gerald

    The 2019 Mule Deer Success Thread!

    Congratulations!! what state?
  13. Gerald

    So I did not draw any elk tags or permits. What to do?

    So whats this"vendor" you speak of swampokie? vendor of landowner tags for sale to the public? or are there actually vendors who buy and sell the tags off the leftover list?
  14. Gerald

    Post Up a Pic Of Your First Elk!

    My first bull in 2007 after five years of trying for an elk in the same unit. Very rewarding experience and still the best hunt I've ever been on. Also still the only hunt I've ever harvested two animals on the same hunt, same season same unit. Got my second and biggest buck that year also...