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    How far do you go to gain access?

    Been getting to know a rancher that owns a lot of acreage near my hunting cabin. Trouble is he has the land that backs to BLM and Nat. Forest. When I ask permission, usually offer help to fix stuff on the ranch. He took me up on the offer and we fixed a 5' deep waterer. We went through his place...
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    Idaho extends wolf seasons in some units

    Idaho F&G extended the wolf seasons in some units, although these won't show in the regs. A lot of units only by a month that were through March 31st are now ending April 30th. Units 21 and 28, which I hunt will be open until June 30th, yay! Getting a wolf is on my bucket list. Looks like this...
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    Idaho Trespass Law changing

    Idaho is changing the trespass law effective July 1st of this year requiring written permission or other lawful form to enter or remain on private land to shoot, trap, retrieve game, fish or hunt. Seems like just getting a verbal okay from the landowner is not going to be valid anymore.
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    Idaho condo cheap

    Posting this for my neighbor in Salmon. He has a 2bd/2ba condo for sale about 20 miles south of Salmon off Hwy 28 for 25K. It was a small motel converted into a couple of condos. He used this condo to hunt and fish. The Lemhi and Hayden Creek confluence is closeby. It has deer (whitetail and...
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    Bear stand advice

    Trying to get this bear to come into my ground blind set up while I'm there. The bait was set up 9 days ago and this bear came into the bait after 2 days. Then came in everyday day, usually mornings and evening both for 6 days. I hunted on 4 times in mornings and evenings, never showed. Any...
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    Idaho moose

    Daughter and son-in-law both have moose tags in Idaho. After a few hunting trips, we've have seen about 6 bulls so far. Since most of them were small that we saw, it was decided to take a small bull and at least fill the freezer due to time constraints and focus on a larger one later. Here is a...
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    12 wolves harvested in 40 hours in Wyoming

    Just heard that 12 wolves were legally harvested by Wyoming hunters after 3 years of non hunting them. Good to know they're starting to put them down. Seems like more needs to be done. In Idaho, while archery deer hunting this past weekend, I came across a hunter who said he killed 5 wolves...
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    Idaho Road kill elk

    Went archery deer hunting the other day and came across a truck that was halfway in the highway wrecked and a cow elk also in the road. An Idaho Transportation person was there and we helped him get the elk off the highway. The elk had a couple of broken legs, but otherwise was in good shape...
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    Moose hunt Idaho 12-3

    Drew a moose tag in Idaho for unit 12-3. Planning on a backpack trip at the beginning of September for a week and another week during the rut. Never hunted the unit before and was reaching out for anyone that has hunted that unit before for general areas to check out. Only 2 tags in that hunt...
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    Grizzly bears delisted

    Looks like grizzly bears have been delisted, at least in the Yellowstone area for now. When do we get to hunt them? :)
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    Is packing out game for money considered an outfitter only activity in Idaho?

    Looking at doing a backpack trip for moose this year in a wilderness area. The only outfitter in this area would be willing to do a guided hunt that is beyond my budget. Also, I'm more of a diy hunter. The outfitter has guides at that time of the year just doing guided elk and deer hunts and is...
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    Locator Beacon - Any advice?

    Going to be doing some solo hunts this year in more remote areas, does anyone have experience using the locator beacons to pinpoint your location if something happens in case of an emergency?
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    3 Legged Elk

    Just saw this elk today feeding in a field. She seemed to be doing well despite having only 3 legs. Sorry, couldn't get the picture to rotate.
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    Tire chains - Back or front tires?

    In deep snow and ice, is it better for tire chains to be on the back or front tires for 4wd gas truck? I can see the benefits from either way. Does it matter if you have a limited slip rear end? Sometimes I will chain up all fours, although that can be a hassle.
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    Cow elk and mountain goats

    Here's a cow elk son-in-law took last week in central Idaho. We'll try to get another this week for my daughter. Getting a little cold with morning temps single digits (at least the meat stays cool). Also, some mountain goats in WY getting their salt (at least that's what I think they're doing).
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    Salmon cabin rental - anyone interested?

    I'm building a small cabin in Elk Bend 20 miles south of Salmon, ID with river frontage on the Salmon river to be used as a hunting/fishing getaway for myself. It will have separate bedroom, kitchen, fire pit, bbq, etc. Units 28,29, 30, 37, 37A are close. Since I will only be there for a few...
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    Funny bear story

    Just got back from bear hunting and took a chocolate black bear over bait. It was a smaller bear, 1st one for me and in an area with 2 tags allowed. The F&G are trying to reduce bear populations, so I wasn't too concerned about harvesting a small one. We baited 5 sites throughout the week...
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    Moose in velvet 1st big game animal

    A buddy and I went river float hunting yesterday and harvested this moose. Not the biggest but quite a trophy for him. It was his 1st big game. Taken with a shotgun @ 30 yards!
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    Moose Tag North Central Idaho fires-any local info

    Checking to see if anyone in north central Idaho has information about the fires and smoke in the areas of Unit 12? The National forests are closed to entry, I believe according to the Lolo Pass Ranger station, and my wife has a bull moose tag waiting to use. I was trying to go up there a week...
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    Onx Hunt Map cards or Trax Map GPS SD cards? and which model GPS?

    Wanting to upgrade old Garmin GPS to newer model with SD card capability. Has anyone have experience with either Onx Hunt SD cards for GPS or the Trax cards? Also, which model GPS to use. I would like a larger color screen, mid priced with a SD card slot, preferably Garmin. What does the 24K...