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    1st TimeElk

    I have a Mathews z7 with a 60lb draw, 27.5? draw length. I?m shooting a 390 grain arrow at 255 FPS. Which puts out 55 ft lbs of KE. Some charts say I?m right in the middle of the suggested KE for elk, others say that?s a little light. It took me quite a while to achieve the product I have right...
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    Eberlestock Super Bucket

    For Sale. Eberlestock Super Bucket, It is New with tags still attached. Make reasonable offer!
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    Search For Pack

    I'm looking to buy a daypack that has packing out game capabilities...e.g. game bags or slot away from other gear but close to my back. I'm a first timer to go elk hunting, and my buddy who hunts elk regularly has talked me out of a frame pack just because of the size to carry when there isn't...
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    Slick Trick Heads

    I just bought some Slick trick razor tricks to try because they were significantly reduced in price compared to normal .... Just wondering what anyone has had for results with these heads on elk or deer for that matter! I just don't like the uncertainty of expandables, just one more thing that...
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    I recently bought a used mathews z7, 27" draw, 60-70 lb limbs.I have not bought arrows yet for this setup and have debating heavily between easton full metal jackets and the victory VAP. My goal is an accurate arrow out to 60 but with enough kinetic energy to take care of an elk. Also should I...
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    Easy methods of carrying elk calls

    I'm new to elk hunting and as I start purchasing gear for an upcoming trip I'm wondering what ways or lanyards I should be looking at to carry some of the bigger calls like my bugle which I hopefully don't need to use, and then the primos squeeze call, can't remember the name of it...
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    New to Shooting with both eyes open

    This summer was my first off season where I took the time to learn to shoot with both eyes open....I've made the transition fairly well in my opinion and one 3d targets and animals it's been great. But while shooting a block target at a dot, it's like I'm confusing myself with my pins and extra...
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    Front of Center

    I measured my Foc at around 8.5% and would like to increase that going from a 100 to 125 gr the easiest and best choice to increase? I've been satisfied for the most part with buying my arrows cut to size but I am slowly getting more and more involved in taking my set ups to the next step.