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    First rifle/ first elk

    Got into my area on Friday and few to pressure quickly marked off spots A and B. Went to a basin at the end of a trail that only had one camp on it, right at dark spotted 2 bulls and a group of cows at the very top of the mountain, Saturday morning we got up 4 hrs before daylight ( being from...
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    Trout Creek area

    I havent been up that way since 2012, and thinking about giving it a try this fall for elk/deer. Anyone know how the elk population is now compared to 2012. I know back then the wolves were taking there toll, just curious if its been a drastic decrease. Thanks
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    newbie question

    this will be my first time in Colorado.we will be doing a week backpacking in.the question I have is will be hunting mule deer 2nd season(elk otc openes same day)looking at google earth it looks like there are quite a few logging roads up top around 10k.i assume they are probably closed duiring...
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    gmu 34

    drew area 34 2nd season.this is going to be my first time getting to hunt Colorado.we will be doing a backcountry hunt.are there any good maps that shows trail heads and or parking areas.already ordered the one from my topo. thanks
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    leftover results are up

    and I drew 34 2nd season(mule deer).not sure if that's good or bad.never been.but excited none the less.will be backcountry to order maps.and getting more detailed in my research.
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    got the leftover deer tag list

    was hoping for an early rifle high country tag but no luck.thinking I may try gmu 34 so I can at least hunt out there this year.will be backpacking in,from what I can tell there is quite a bit of public land where we can get back in there a ways.flying by the seat of my pants at this point.wife...
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    garmin rhino

    anyone tried these was mainly interested how well the radio works in the mountains.
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    colorado question .

    im going to be trying to do a mule deer hunt in co. this wife wants to go along but will not have a tag and not question is this in can not even be on public land without a lic. and on private land they can go but can not paticpate in any hunting...