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  1. hunter25

    How much is too much?

    I basically have no bills. I save 1k a month straight up then add whatever I can with ot and such. I pay most of my son's way hunting as well as hes got a lot more responsibilities.
  2. hunter25

    What would be your dream hunt?

    I can't say as I really have a dream hunt anymore. I just do things as they pop into my head and if I can save the money. I've hunted many states and canada for many different animals. I'm booked on a cheap african hunt for April if things clear up. And put a small deposit on free range red...
  3. hunter25

    2020 Fishing

    Few more
  4. hunter25

    2020 Fishing

    Thought I had posted previously but totally forgot. Drove to texas with my grandson the first week of june for 2 days of alligator gar fishing then a couple more days of bass and catfish. Celebrated his 11th birthday while there.
  5. hunter25

    CC Hits!

    Got the september bear tag as a second choice and also drew 4th season buck in 444 with 2 points
  6. hunter25

    Plans for your $1,200.00?

    I work in a grocery store so all good for regular income. I booked a hunt in romania for red stag and roe deer in 2022 , the money will be spent there.
  7. hunter25

    All thanks go to God

    Great news, I truly believe in the power of prayer.
  8. hunter25

    2020 Fishing

    The boat captain said it was in the top 5 mahi they ever landed. Hotel restraunt cooked some for us as soon as we got back in. Excellent dinner
  9. hunter25

    2020 Fishing

    I managed a vacation in late march to costa rica that had been planned a year in advance. Almost cancelled but went anyway. Got out and flew home the day they closed the airport.
  10. hunter25

    Tonneau Cover - Help me choose!

    I used an undercover cover for the last 15 years. Still looks nearly new with no complaints. That said I just bought a used topper for 300 bucks that I'm far happier with. Lots more space and easier to use.
  11. hunter25

    Please critique my caribou gear list

    Make sure your pilot allows butane stoves, some don't. Technically some law about it. I used a msr dragonfly with white gas. And in a twist our pilot had never seen before we took 3 bundles of firewood. Don't have to worry about bringing it back and really made a difference having a fire...
  12. hunter25

    Please critique my caribou gear list

    Solid list. I've been 3 times. Took the 10mm once but didn't bother after that. Used a cot first trip. Again didn't bother after that. But does make a difference if things get really wet. Keeps you off the ground. I might have missed it but I take a collapsible 2 5 gallon water jug...
  13. hunter25

    What did you get for Christmas guys?!

    Custom stitched cap and t shirt from my daughter. " I am legend" on both. Lol Gift card from my son. That's it. That's what happens when you're old and alone and everyone has kids of their own. I on the other hand spent massive amounts on hunting clothes and assorted junk for all of them...
  14. hunter25

    If humans were scored in Boone and Crockett ?

    Hopefully teeth aren't included. I'm increasingly lacking in that area
  15. hunter25

    Leupold Scope

    Wish you had posted this sooner. Just bought the exact same scope new 2 weeks ago new.
  16. hunter25

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all
  17. hunter25

    Kodiak hunt

    Very nice, congratulations on a great hunt. I was so close to booking the kodiak hunt, was actually waiting for a return call with the latest rates for 2021. The call didn't come actually and I booked africa while I was waiting. If we do end up going I'm thinking of using one of the rental...
  18. hunter25

    Africa 2021

    My hunt is for 4 animals but I have the price list of maybe 6 others from 300 to 1200 if we see them. Trying to save extra for such an event. Anyone interested really needs to join african hunting forum.
  19. hunter25


    It was shipped this morning, but coming from new zealand will take a week or so. I couldn't help myself with the swamp kuari handle. His price is less than half of what I've seen custom makers here charge. Excited to see his work
  20. hunter25


    I know they work great, but I love my traditional customs. Usually 2 full animals before I need to touch up on a steel. But I pay dearly for them.