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    WY Antelope Area 23 help

    Since the only leftover buck tags available are Area 23 and Area 24 type 2 license, I was wondering if anyone knows any ranchers that take trespass fees in these areas and would be willing to share that info. I would like to still pull off a hunt with my daughter this year and this is the only...
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    Advice for new .22 pistol

    I am looking at buying a .22 semi auto pistol. I want something light that I can put in a jacket pocket when checking traps mainly for dispatching coyotes. I have been thinking about the Walther P22 and Glock 44. I know Taurus also makes one. Anyone with experience with any of these I would...
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    Nosler 340 WBY ammo

    I know there are a few 340 weatherby guys on this forum. I just wanted to let them know that Nosler has a really good sale on their 340 wby Custom Ammo. If you are interested go to the Nosler website. I purchased mine already not sure how long their supply will last.
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    Wyoming Area 7 Antelope

    Any help would be greatly appreciated looking at taking my son on a combo mule deer and antelope hunt this fall. I have settled on the deer unit (area 10) but he doesn?t appear to have enough points to draw the Antelope tag in the same unit as deer. So I am looking into the bordering units and...
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    WY Deer Units 10 and 22

    My son didn't draw the elk tag that we were hoping for so I am switching gears and looking at taking him on a deer, posibaly a deer/antelope combination hunt this fall. Anyway if anyone has any information they would be willing to share on deer area 10 and or 22 I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Should I rebarrel my 300 wby to 6.5-300 wby

    I have a Mark V ultralight weight in 300 wby and I have been kicking around the idea of putting a 6.5-300 barrel on it. Just curious about anyone's thoughts on the subject.
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    Wyoming PP question

    Can my son apply in the random draw for Mule Deer and then purchase a preference point in July when they go on sale? I think the answer is no but I thought I would ask anyway.
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    Is Deer Area 36 a Limited Quota for 2016

    One of my boys drew an area 48 type 1 elk license and I was planning on getting my other boy a Region M deer license. As I was looking through the data today it looks like area 36 is no longer covered under the General Region M license. Am I missing something? Not the end of the world but just...
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    WY NR Elk draw results

    I know it is a little early but are there any predictions on when the results will be posted this year
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    2016 archery Elk help

    My son has 5 elk preference points and I want to take him next fall as 2017 he will be off to college and I am not sure when we will get another opportunity. I am planning on area 48 because I am somewhat familiar with the unit but was wondering if anyone has any info they would be willing to...
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    Elk Scents

    Just curious do any of you guys use Elk scents such as Cow Elk urine while calling Elk? Just 5 weeks now until I go hunting and my mind is working overtime.
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    Area 120 Elk advice

    I am planning a mid September archery elk hunt in WY Area 120 and I think I have a great plan in place but I feel like I would be missing the boat if I didn't take the opportunity to ask the forum if they have any advice before I head out. So, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Elk Decoys

    Any opinions on elk decoys, was thinking about the heads up decoy. Appreciate any info.
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    Wyoming seasons and quotas

    Does anyone know when Wyoming will publicize it's seasons and quotas? I know they held the meeting on 4/22.
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    Wyoming Elk Tags

    I have not received my tag yet but I did receive my $50 PP refund. Just curious if anyone received their tags yet
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    Area 48 or 120 for archery elk hunt

    I have 6 PPs which is enough for area 48 and will be close for area 120. I am familiar with area 48 but not 120. Looking at the satellite views the extreme northern part of 120 looks like it could be pretty good for an mid September hunt. I am leaning towards 120 because it is also antelope...
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    Hello from the UP

    I have lived in Michigan's Upper Peninsula my whole life. I grew up hunting deer, bear and trapping. I have made many DIY trips to the west mostly for Mule Deer. Now I am focused on getting my two boys age 13 and 15 out west with me as much as possible before they leave the nest.