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    I want a new smoker

    what smoker is everyone using on here? I have a big Louisiana grill pellet smoker and a little electric masterbuilt vertical smoker but wanting to upgrade to a Pit Boss or Louisiana Grill vertical that can do 2 briskets at a time plus a couple pork buts
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    Favorite mule deer bullet?

    After reading the June July issue from Eastmans and the article on elk bullets, I was wondering what everyone liked for mule deer? I run federal 180 grain Barnes bullet out of my .300 win. for elk .Just wondering what everyone liked
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    Just saw this
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    Nv buck

    Checked camera today
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    camp cocktails

    Whats your favorite? Besides beer we all ways have some crown in camp. And if the wife's along makings for a bloody mary and crown apple ( yuck). But this year we will have crown royal peach , just tried it last night and I'm so glad this wasn't around when I was young and dumb or I would have...
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    DIY or guided ?????

    Drew one of the top tier deer tags here in Nv, and am trying to decide if I should hire a guide? Mule deer are my weak spot it seems , I've had 4 or 5 of these type tags and never can seem to make it happen on a big deer. The whole day late dollar short comes to mind. There is a thread I started...
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    Are we getting close to OIL draw results?

    Just wondering when I should start looking for my "So Sorry sucker email" ?
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    Moose hunting

    I finally can afford to apply in Id for moose and will maybe try for a cow elk tag or some type of elk hunt ( otc or landowner ) because I have a license this year. Been poor over the tag hub and the hunt planer. Think I have it narrowed down to a couple of areas I'd like to apply for. But not...
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    Just throwing this out there

    I've got lots of vacation time on the books and have been saving for my alaska dream hunt. With all thats going on i figure that there might be several folks that change their mind about a hunts they have booked. So if any one hears of any deal on cancellation hunts shoot me a pm. The nice...
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    CDNN ammo sale

    FYI CDNN has some good prices on some select ammo saw several WSM loads
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    50 by 50

    Well made it through all the holidays and 3 day weekends plus super bowl and came to realize that in 195 days I turn 50. Been going to the gym since last September and have built up my strength and some stamina which I was lacking and causing injury's. I hired a personal trainer and it really...
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    2020 goals/desires

    As we start the new year I was thinking about what I'd like to hunt for this year and wondering what everyone else has their sights set on. 2020 desires turkey tag in Nevada 5 points and turkey hopefully an Eastern some place back east Nv big game hunts I have max points for bear so fingers...
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    Need an Eastern Bird towards my slam

    So I need 2 more birds for my grand slam an Eastern and an Osceola. Not ready to pay the cost of the last one yet. But what chance of being successful on a diy hunt for an Eastern does a guy have? Where would you start your research state wise? Seems to be about $1000 bucks for a 2 day hunt if...
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    New rifle

    Wife said i couls buy a new rifle and im going to get a new 300 win mag. I found 2 rifles for the same price A cooper rifle and a Christian arms Which do folks like or recommend?
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    Nevada bull from last week

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    One more weekend to get it done

    Spent the last week hunting elk with my wife ( her tag ) in bulls every day had couple of chances but no luck . Saw everything from a 200 inch one horned 7 point to a big boxy 370 class monster . We will head back next Friday and give it another shot as its more then likely her only chance for a...
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    121 104 108

    Any one have this bull tag this year?
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    hiking vs jogging to prepare

    What do you feel helps more to prepare yourself for a hunt? I've been jogging 3 times a week and lifting weights 2 times a week for month and a half now. We have 5 weeks left tell my wife's bull hunt and wondering if lacing up the boots and hiking the ridge behind the house might be more...
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    Crispi or kennatrec?

    The local sheels is having a pretty good sale which is the better boot ? Looking at a 400 gram insulated boot and prefer a taller top. Thanks
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    Ladies need some help

    Ladies and guys please ask your ladies what pack they prefer. My wife just told me her womans day pack i got her last year wont cut it on her bull hunt in November. My wife is 5 foot 7 around 170 lbs. She hauled out 60 lbs of backstrap and trim meat from last years cow but that pack really...