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  1. ivorytip

    Tikka T3x .300 win mag

    T3x in .300, who else is shooting this rifle? what "factory" loads are you liking for it?
  2. ivorytip

    Sad story but a hell of a way to go.
  3. ivorytip

    big NR changes in the mix

    attended a couple of season proposal meetings and there are going to be some pretty big NR changes being brought up in the big committee meeting this month. just a heads up to you all.
  4. ivorytip

    Pop's cow moose

    Dad scores on a cow this morning. I wish I would've gone up with them but im happy he connected. "Never any reason to shoot a moose far from a road". Dads infamous advice. Haha.
  5. ivorytip

    Would you shoot a bear in its den, if...

    Curious as to what the forum members thoughts and feelings are on shooting a bear while in its den. My buddy recently did just that and has gotten a little backlash from it. He wasnt bear hunting but came 8 from a den after climbing over some dead fall when he noticed the den with the bears head...
  6. ivorytip

    Field to table

    I dont know if its because it comes at the end of hunting deer and elk hard or if its just plain fun, pheasant hunting has got to be one of my favorite things to do. Watching that red and white head stick out of cover or watching a dog freeze in its tracks and point just as that bird rises up...
  7. ivorytip

    Sons hunt a fun bust

    We didnt harvest anything on sons elk/deer hunt but whatba blast! We left a crowded ares where we camped to focus on a place I know for deer. After a steep pre light hike we settled in to glass and just as the son pokes its first rays of lights over the hill my son spots movement on the skyline...
  8. ivorytip

    Non res hunters

    I need to vent a little. I set up my wall tent up at elk camp and left it there for a few days before returning for the opener. Same place I alwaya set up. I come back and there is just enough room for my truck to pull in between my tent and some jack hats camper. Not to mention the 3 trucks and...
  9. ivorytip

    Shoulder mount cleaning

    What do you all do for cleaning shoulder mounts? Anything i should be using to help keep bugs off of them, a type of spray maybe? I vacuum them from time to time to help keep dust out.
  10. ivorytip

    Smoked portabella pizza

    You have to try this! Perfect with elk sausage. I slapped the shrooms (coated with olive oil and garlic) in the pan with the sausage to suck in some of that flavor. Peperoni, Canadian bacon, thin layer of Colby Jack, elk sausage and topped with fresh mozerella that was dipped in garlic/olivr...
  11. ivorytip

    Meat elk down

    Check out this deformed cow elk. Ine pic is hind quarters and the other is spine.
  12. ivorytip

    Big Dubois IDAHO FIRE

    IF anyone has controled tags for Dubois, Kilgore, st Anthony Sand dune areas keep an eye on this. Fire has grown crazy fast and destroying everything. Fingers crossed and prayers for ranchers and families in Dubois. Lets hope this fire doesnt reach the pines!
  13. ivorytip

    Shoot your gun!

    I am so glad I took my rifle out shooting last night. It was so far off I thought I was messing up big time! It was zeroed @200 and I was hitting 1 foot below target at 100. ??? Not aure how it got off by so much but its sqaured away now.
  14. ivorytip

    .243 Savage Elk

    I know this has been discussed here before but i cant find it. I know some guys on here will say do not use a .243 for elk but that is whats happening. ill let son shoot and get familiar with the ole .270 but if we end up needing to use the .243 for Bull elk which ammo should i use. 85 Grain...
  15. ivorytip

    Interesting taxidermy work

    What do you all think of this work? Ive never seen it before and its different but kind of a new spin on things. Would be kind of coolfor out of state hunts.
  16. ivorytip

    zipper fix..?

    I have a Cabelas instinct coat that I love and its only a couple years old, the zipper stopped working! is there an easy fix for this? I've heard people say to rub pencil lead on the teeth?? the teeth just are'nt staying together
  17. ivorytip

    Grizz hunt app time!

    Any other Idahoans putting in on this?
  18. ivorytip

    Grizz hunt!
  19. ivorytip

    Don't be this guy Holy smokes! Have you guys seen this? That guy sweeping the floor is lucky to be alive!
  20. ivorytip

    Huge sturgeon I had to post this here, I cant even imagine how awesome this must have been. So cool that they caught it on video!