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    My 2019 buck of a lifetime!

    Monday night I was presented a 12 yard shot at my buck of a lifetime ! The arrow flew true and the deer did not make it far. Truly blessed to have an opportunity at this buck.
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    Deer for deer hunt.

    I have excellent deer hunting in Southern Iowa.....all on private farms. Looking to trade a hunt for a mule deer hunt out west. Drop me a email of this is of interest to you. I have pics and references of folks that have hunted with me in the past.
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    Bucks in senior pictures!

    Daughter graduated in May and leaves for college this is one of her senior pictures with her bucks.
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    Wife?s 2017 buck

    2017 treated her well....looking forward to 2018!
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    Deer for deer?

    Excellent whitetail hunting in Iowa for a western deer hunt. I have a few pics posted under other deer section on this forum.
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    Outfitter or diy

    Best place to kill a representative bull? Not looking for a giant just a good representative animal? Any opinions? Currently have 4 points in Wyoming. Don't need a area just opinions.
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    4 pts for goats in 2016

    Two of us are traveling from Iowa.....we will have 4 pts each this year. Any opinions on going into special draw and getting a better than average unit? We were possibly thinking of 73 w/o the special draw to scout for mule deer too for following years. Or is it better to join w another group...
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    2015 great year for deer

    I started the year with my daughter hunting youth season......she killed a great deer and I was with her as she passed 6 bucks and decided to harvest the one she did. Early gun my wife had a opportunity on a great buck.....but it was spooked by a doe (that doe ended up in the freezer). This past...
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    Daughter sealed the deal!!!!

    This was the first year she decided what to shoot or pass....after 3 sits, she passed 6 bucks and killed the 7th. I am way proud of her! Here are a few pics.
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    Daughters target buck!

    Youth season starts Saturday. Here is her #1.
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    Looking to trade a Iowa deer hunt for a mule deer hunt.

    Anyone out west interested in hunting Iowa......currently building points in Wyoming. I have hunted 34 in years past. Here are two from 2014 killed by my daughter and I.
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    Daughter's trophy.

    Picked up my fourteen year olds buck today. Way proud of her!!!!! 2014 was very good to us!!!!
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    Good mass

    Whitetail.....not to bad!
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    Swap Iowa deer hunt for mule deer or elk.

    Looking to swap a hunt for elk or mule deer. Below are a few deer we have taken. Past 12 months
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    Iowa deer hunt for mule deer hunt

    I have excellent hunting in Iowa. Looking to hunt mule deer out west. Drop me a email if this is of interest to you. I have pictures if interested.
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    deer for deer....

    Anyone interested in hunting whitetail? I would be interested in a western mule deer hunt for a Iowa whitetail hunt.
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    Daughter's buck....

    She had to wait for volleyball to end before she could was well worth the wait. Here is the results of her first sit! Its her first to gross over 150". 35 yard shot and a short recovery......45 cal smoke pole! Not bad for a 14 year old!!!! Way proud of her!"] [/URL]
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    wife's buck mounted

    Buck coming together very nice......just put together.
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    Wyoming unit 34

    Anyone have a opinion on the unit? Not looking for info on where to hunt.....just your feedback about quality and numbers of deer. I have enough points to draw the unit. Thanks in advance!