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    2020 idaho draw is up

    got lucky,pulled my muzz elk tag this year,,good luck to all,,suprized me results came out this soon.
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    nevada california sheep 2017 research

    Pulled a tag of a lifetime,now workin,looking for all the research info I can find on cal bighorns in Nevada,{unit32 preferably}but anywhere,anything about cal bighorns will be useful,,,any and all help,I thank you in advance,,,im primarily lookin at it as a d I y hunt,but have not rulled out...
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    2017 colorado mule deer tag cuts?

    ive heard of some major deer tag cuts,,especially in the Gunnison and sw units.Does anybody or cpw have a list and percentage of all the units that are getting numbers cut?would like to know as this will effect the draw odds majorly,,especially the 2nd choice options.a full list of all the...
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    pick up a wolf tag?

    I will be going to Idaho unit 52a central Idaho desert country in a couple weeks for a late muzz deer hunt and am debating if I should pick up a $38 wolf tag to have w me? its open,flat country,some lava fields,,,do you think wolfs could be out in that kind of country in November?I could also...
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    electric assist bicycles?

    I know this could be a touchy subject to some folks,but I have been considering getting one of these assist bikes with fat tires for rough trails.I know a person cannot wilderness hunt with them,but there are a fair amount of closed roads that they are allowed on as they are considered a...
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    slop in the bog pod spotter adapter?

    anybody else out there have this same issue?I have a little bit of rock in it and spotting scope will wiggle in the wind?its not too bad,but it is annoying at times,,,maybe im picky but would be nice if I could get rid of the rocking motion slop?
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    oregons new premium hunt series?

    new deer ,elk ,and antelope series out for Oregon,but only 1 tag per unit?how many of ya out there think its worth the $8 app to even try? pretty low odds,and worst odds on popular units?wondering how many will give it a try?
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    turret protective caps for vortex pst tactical scope?

    does anybody out there know if there is a turret cap cover available for vortex pst knobs? I want to cover mine in bad weather conditions until im ready to shoot? figured they would come in scope package but it appear that vortex doesn't make em?I would think other scopes out there with the...
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    2016 spring bear results are out

    pulled my 1st choice,,,good luck to all on the draw.
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    area recomondations for wyoming general elk tag,non-res,non-wilderness?

    looking for any pointers for places to start looking over for non-res,non wilderness,general elk units? not after your honey hole,just units to think about with decent access and a chance at a decent bull.what units have you guys done o k in with a general tag?
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    grinding heart meat?recipes?

    anybody out there ever try heart that is ground?wondering if anybody has a good recipe?Im thinkin it might smooth out the texture,but have not tried it yet?
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    what does it take to draw a tag in nevada?

    Ive been building points in Nevada now 6 years on all species and although I fill out all 5 choices on all my species apps and have been for several years,ive still not been able to draw even a deer tag yet?im into Nevada now over $1200 and am wondering what it will take to draw?have been...
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    2015 tag results just came out today

    online results out now,,,good luck,,,i didn't have any
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    unit 69/84 1st season colorado elk

    my first time drawing elk in Colorado,,,if anybody has any first hand experience with this unit id love to hear about it,,,feel free to p m me ,,Ill be on only the public lands in the san Isabels,,what kind of a bull size wise is repectable for this unit?Is 84 better place to start than...
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    how to reduce wild taste of antelope meat?

    anybody out there got any tricks to make antelope meat taste better?I harvested it quick and immediately cooled the meat,but even at that,have found antelopes unique taste not all that great,,the wife refuses to eat any of it.
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    Tent foot print

    have bought a small tent for coyoting out,,,Do you think its worth the extra weight to carry a footprint beins the tent already has a floor?do ya think a piece of tarp cut to size would work for footprint layer? is it worth the weight?
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    bear peeled conifer trees?216 a ore spring bear

    found some fresh,fresh peeled conifer trees ,looks like bears going after the cadmium layer w front teeth?,several found in close proximity? Is this a home run for finding a bear hot spot? or is this just a sign that ones been in the area?will the bear keep coming back to this spot to feed?not a...
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    better instructions/user manual for garmin 64st?

    Ive got a friend of mine that just got the new 64st garmin gps.user manual doesn't even begin to cover how to work it and how to make the "go to" go directly to way point.Finnaly figured out how to make the go to work after several hours of trying things.Does anybody have a far more detailed...
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    colorado antelope in unit 4-5

    now that all apps are in,im hopin to pull a unit 4-5 rifle antelope tag.Had heard that antelope numbers are down this year?does anybody have an idea how the antelope #s are doing up that way by the wyo-colo border?
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    utah 9d general deer?south slope/vernal/bonanza

    have drawn a utah 9d general muzz deer tag this year,,,will be a totally new unit to try out for me,,was thinkin of mainly hittin the unitas mtn area.alot of gas and oil rigs down low in the sage type country.any advice on the basic area would be great.posibly eastern edge by colorado line?It...