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  1. zpooch

    Unopened Vortex Spotter 20-60x60

    These sell new for $399. I'd be happy with $300 if it's going to a new hunter or someone for a first spotting scope. This is a good entry level spotter
  2. zpooch

    Deer, elk and 'lope

    Is the 20th here yet?
  3. zpooch

    NR with 2 points for Wyoming

    I have a NR friend that wants to come hunt some antelope. Just looking for a unit with decent access for him. I've only hunted 61 and 63 since I've been out here. It'd be great if I(resident) could draw a doe tag in the unit he has as well. Any suggestions for ok units for him? Not looking...
  4. zpooch

    First mule deer

    And first attempt at European mount. Now that I have my first one in the bag I'll be looking for a better representation next season!
  5. zpooch

    Elk 124

    A couple groups from today
  6. zpooch

    Elk rib recipe?

    Thawing out some elk ribs, anybody have some good recipes I should try?
  7. zpooch


    I made this recipe the other day with some elk. Delicious! The apple in the burger paired perfectly with the elk meat. How do you guys like to change up your cheese burgers?
  8. zpooch

    When the hunting sucks...

    At least the scenery is good.
  9. zpooch

    New in Wyoming

    Just saying hi. I grew up in Pa but didn't have anybody to take me out hunting when I was younger. So now that I live in Wyoming last year was my first year hunting and I did it pretty half assed. I missed the draw so I ended up general for deer but got a late season cow tag for area 19. I...