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  1. jjenness

    Bowtech Assassin. $550 obo

    Left hand Bowtech Assassin 70 lb limbs, with octane quiver and stabilizer, Trophy Ridge whisker biscuit rest, Trufire release, 6 gold tip arrows, 5 pin black gold sight, hard case. This bow has literally been shot less than 12 times and has never been in the field. It is essentially a new...
  2. jjenness

    Carter Plain 1

    I have a Carter Plain 1 that I have not used in a couple of years that I am looking to let go. It will come in the original box with the different adjustment tension springs. The only blemish on it is a small scrape on the metal from dropping it once. Pictures available upon request, just PM...
  3. jjenness

    Fishing 2017

    Thought I would get a 2017 thread started for fishing. We had a great first trip of the year, caught my biggest walleye at 14.5lbs.
  4. jjenness

    444 inch bull from Missouri river breaks?

    So wanted to throw this out there to see if anyone else has heard of a bull that was supposedly just killed in the Missouri river breaks that scores 444 allegedly? I got the picture from a friend who claims it is legit but with these stories you see every year I am always sceptical. Heard also...
  5. jjenness

    2015 buck back from taxi

    Got last year's buck back from the taxi today, real happy with how he turned out.
  6. jjenness

    MT FWP Ridiculous Proposal!!!

    So there was a public meeting a couple nights ago, which was poorly announced, and the local FWP biologist laid out the elk management plan for HD 411. They are currently proposing that there would no longer be a archery only season in 411, and rifle hunting would take place from 8/15 to 2/15...
  7. jjenness

    My son's 1st buck!

    My son shot his first deer today. He made a great shot at 326 yards, double lunged him. He was on cloud 9, and his best friend got the shot on video!
  8. jjenness

    Tines Up video camera adapter

    I am selling my Tines Up vid cam adapter. It also comes with two more thread adapters, 34mm to 37mm and 30.5mm to 37mm. Also the rest of the things that came with the package. $50.00 TYD. I used this on my old Vortex Nomad, but it doesn't fit the new Razor. PayPal gift or money order please.
  9. jjenness

    West Yellowstone Bison Hunt!!

    So I looks like there is a pretty good chance that my hunting season in MT may be extended this year. I completely forgot I put in for the bison hunt in west Yellowstone, and when I checked today I see that I drew my second choice for a cow! I had no idea how this worked until today, but...
  10. jjenness

    9/11- never forget!

    Just a quick reminder to take a moment to pause and remember those who lost their life on 9/11, and all those who have given all for this great country since. Freedom is not free! God Bless.
  11. jjenness

    Massive Elk Herd

    I thought I would share a couple with everyone taken on 9/4/15. The ranch that the elk are on has an estimated 4000+ elk, so this is just a small sampling of the elk herd. Also, this ranch, the NBar, is again trying to trade a large landlocked section of public ground in the center of the...
  12. jjenness

    Montana antelope 2015!

    Anybody find success yet? I am headed out the door now, raining pretty good and light is flat so I hope I can put the sneek on a big goat. Post up your pics!
  13. jjenness

    Guiding opportunity advice?

    Hey guys and gals so I thought I would ask you about an opportunity that has presented itself. So a gentleman at my church owns his own outfitting business here in central MT, and he has asked me to help guide some elk hunters this fall during the archery season. My first instinct is to jump...
  14. jjenness

    Wood pellet grill recipes?

    Alright folks so I am new to the wood pellet grill scene, and so far have loved the new Cabelas grill. So I am wondering if people are willing to share some of their recipes that have worked well. I see on another thread about Treagers that some recipes come with a contract of "death if...
  15. jjenness

    Hunters orange under 18 yoa

    I see that MT may be going to only require hunter orange for those under 18 years of age. I think it is a good idea, as I cannot stand wearing orange while bow hunting during the rifle seasons, especially spring bear. What are your thoughts? PS I am not trying to start a huge debate here...
  16. jjenness

    Halibut guide in OR or WA?

    Can anybody recommend a good fishing guide for halibut in Washington or Oregon? I am considering getting out to bring home some chicken of the sea, and going to Alaska really isn't an option right now. Thanks.
  17. jjenness

    MT Federal Land Transfering to the State!!!

    So with the legislative session going on right now there is renewed effort to transfer Federal Land in Montana to the State of Montana. One of the problems with this is the fact that the State of MT's tax burden will go through the roof and it will not be able to properly manage the land, which...
  18. jjenness

    Homemade smoker question?

    So I am working on getting this homemade smoker finished up and it is turning out pretty good I think. The question I have is, should I set it up for propane or put electric burners in it? Everybody I know uses electric but I have heard propane works better. A body have experience with this...
  19. jjenness

    Why no Youth Success Section??

    So now that my daughter has filled her first big game tag with a cow elk, I am wondering why there is not a section dedicated to all of the youth hunters that are finding success in the field. I know that I really enjoy reading all of the stories about youth hunters getting out and filling...
  20. jjenness

    Sunsets like this are a devine thing!

    Sunsets like these always make me feel a little more appreciative for all the blessings I have had in my life. Happy 4th of July to everyone, and for those that have given all, for the independence of this country, God Bless you and your family, you are not forgotten!