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    Hornady Precision Hunter

    Switching from 140gr SST and looking at the precision hunter 145 eld-x out of my .270 for my upcoming elk trip. Looking for some feedback. My gun like hornady ammo and I was super accurate with the SST but didn’t get pass through on my elk last year.
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    6.5 Creedmoor

    Hey all, i apologize if there is a similar post buried in the forum and this is redundant. I wasnt really looking but am always open to deals and I came across a new ruger 6.5 creedmoor for a price that was borderline robbery. What is everyone's experience and or thoughts on the caliber for...
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    Future Goat Hunt

    Was lucky enough to harvest my first elk this year, which moves Antelope to the top of the hit list. Looking for a little insight on what states/tags are easiest or more available for non residents. Any help is much appreciated. YB2
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    Elk Mounts

    I just got back from an elk hunt with my father and 2 close friends. We were able to harvest 2 nice bulls, in my opinion. My dad being the type of guy that appreciates and understands what goes into harvesting the animal wants us to shoulder mount them both. He shot a nice 5x6 bull last year...
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    Colorado Rifle Season(s) Report

    Since 1st season has wrapped up and we're half way through second season I thought Id start a thread to hear some stories and see some pics! How is/did it go for everyone? Those of us impatiently waiting for 3/4 season appreciate the updates!
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    Late Season Calling

    Curious what everyones thoughts/beliefs are on late season calling. Im 3 weeks away from my elk hunt in Colorado for the 4th season elk hunt. Never put much thought into calling the past. Have seen always found elk by sight (luck), and was lucky enough last year to stumble upon a couple within...
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    4th Season Excitment

    What other members on here are impatiently waiting for 4th Rifle? We are 3 weeks away from departing MN. I hope the weather holds and we are able to hunt our usual spots! The past few years 4th season has been warm and we have be able to find elk, pre migration. Wondering if winter actually...
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    Newbie From Minny

    Hey everyone, ive been a follower of the forum for many years but just made my first posts recently, only to learn I didnt follow protocol of introductions! Anyway, my name in Jordan from Central MN. I started reading the forum about 5 years ago in preparation for my first elk hunt. This year...
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    Savage Model 16 Accuracy

    Question for the gun nuts on here. A couple years ago I picked up a NEW savage model 16 .300 WSM on an auction with the intention of it being my elk gun. However i am struggling to get consistent grouping with it. I've been shooting Winchester Super X 180gr. bullets through it. Im going to...
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    Horseback Elk Hunt - Day Trips

    Hey everyone, new to the forum so I'll hide behind my ignorance for this first post, assuming someone has already posted something along the lines. In 3.5 short weeks we will be headed to Colorado for our "4 annual, once in a lifetime trip" for the 4th elk season. This year we decided to try...
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    CO Units 12 & 13

    I am heading out to Colorado for the 4th rifle season. We are heading out a few days early to do as much scouting as possible but thought I would see if anyone on here is willing to give some advice and feedback. I was lucky enough to get a bull tag good for zones 12, 13, 23 and 24 but my buddy...