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  1. gonhunting247

    Last hours of the last day

    Well, I finally had a day or two to get out after a bear here in OR. On the last evening of the season, with a little over an hour left, I was able to pull it off and hang my tag on a nice spring bear. Pretty lucky, but happy!
  2. gonhunting247

    Another great AZ trip

    I had another fun adventure in AZ hunting Javelina. I was able to catch up with some guys I met on my first hunt, that I'm happy to say have became great friends. To top it off I was able to punch my 3rd tag in as many trips. As always I'm looking forward to the next chance to go back!
  3. gonhunting247

    Success in the High Desert

    Our OR elk hunt was tough this year, but we kept after it and on day 5 we saw and killed the only two elk we saw. I was able to connect on a young 5 point and my son tagged out with a spike. It was a great trip with family. A few ducks and chukars fell to my sons 20 gauge also.
  4. gonhunting247

    AK Spring Grizzly

    I was finally able to take advantage of an opportunity to hunt Interior Grizzly, thanks to an old childhood friend and my brother-in-law who both live in AK now. He wasn't the biggest boy in the woods, but I'm super happy with his color and hair quality. At the fish and game check-in they...
  5. gonhunting247

    Good Start to Fall 2018

    I was able to connect on a nice bear to get a good early start to the OR fall season
  6. gonhunting247

    AZ Elk

    Looks like I'll be headed to AZ with a late 7w rifle tag for elk this year. I wasn't really expecting to draw it til next year, but I had 1 more point than I thought :). I've had a lot of success the last two years in AZ, I hope that continues!
  7. gonhunting247

    Success in AZ

    Made it home from my AZ Javelina hunt. Had a great time getting away from the snow and rain at home. I was able to catch up and hunt with some friends I met last year while I was in AZ on my first ever Javelina hunt. We had a great time catching up and stuffed ourselves with great food. On the...
  8. gonhunting247

    Wy 110

    If anyone has any knowledge they would be willing to share about 110 or 88 I would really appreciate a pm. I am taking a friend from work on his first out of state hunt and his first buck antelope hunt. These two units are new to me, but look intriguing. We have an average of 3.5 points, but we...
  9. gonhunting247

    Idaho was good to me again!

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  10. gonhunting247

    Idaho was good to me again!

    I just returned from my Idaho deer hunt. I had another great solo adventure. I wasn't able to break free until the second week of season, but didn't really mind since for me it always seems that Nov.10-20 is the magic time for the mule deer rut, most places I hunt out west. I explored a lot of...
  11. gonhunting247

    ID Unit 22 Deer

    I got a nice surprise and drew a unit 22 late deer tag in ID. It seems like a great tag with good success rates. I haven't found much information on this hunt though. It's still early and I haven't contacted very many resources, but thought I might run it by the folks on EF and see if anyone has...
  12. gonhunting247


    I made the long road trip to AZ for the second time in a few months. I was fortunate enough to be successful on another first for me. This time it was Javelina. I went to AZ expecting another solo experience, but between the guys that shared knowledge of the area over the phone/web and the great...
  13. gonhunting247

    AZ Coues Success

    I was able to make the long road trip(23 hrs.)from OR to AZ for my first ever Coues hunt. Until I reached my hunting unit I had never even seen a Coues deer. The fact that I had never set foot in the unit and this would be a solo hunt made for a little bit of nervousness. But still, I was like a...
  14. gonhunting247

    OR Muzzle Loader White Tail

    Had a good late Muzzle Loader Whitetail hunt and was lucky enough to connect with this cool double brow tine buck!
  15. gonhunting247

    Blacktail Success

    I was fortunate to find this guy, tucked away in the midst of the opening morning crowd of hunters. Kind of unusual for me as I usually don't tag out until the pressure drops off a bit.
  16. gonhunting247

    Hat Trick!

    I didn't draw a Spring Bear tag, but made up for it with my best Spring Long Beard season yet! I feel pretty lucky. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  17. gonhunting247

    Black Tail Success

    Tough hunt that I was beginning to question my sanity for passing up a small buck. Just couldn't turn up a mature deer. It all was worth the wait when this buck appeared out of the wood work. Kind of like a ghost peaking through the re-prod. Always a mentally tough hunt in the brush, but when it...
  18. gonhunting247

    Fall Bear Down

    Well I lucked out and got a big bear just in time to get him cut up (with my brothers help) and in the freezer. I actually had to postpone my departure date to UT for my MZ Elk hunt a couple days. I had seen a small bear 3 different times (one of those I sat within 20 yards) but against my...
  19. gonhunting247

    MZ suggestions

    I have a Knight MK-85 MZ that I shoot conicals, caps and peep sights with. I love this gun and it's legal in OR, CO, ID, WA etc.. I am hunting elk in UT with a MZ this year and hope to take advantage of their more liberal MZ restrictions. I am looking to buy a MZ that I'll shoot strictly sabots...
  20. gonhunting247

    Book Cliffs MZ Elk

    Well it looks like I finally out ran the point creep. I've been to this unit with my brother during the late rifle a few years back, but I know this will be quite a bit different. I'm still kind of in shock I actually drew, because I thought I'd draw the last two years and didn't:)