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  1. droptine

    Elk hunt was over before it started.

    We headed out Thursday night to southwest Montana. 13 miles from out destination for the night. It all came to an abrupt stop!! We were doing 70 mph in the slow lane pulling a 4x8 enclosed trailer with all our gear in it. When out of nowhere a guy slams into our rear!! The trailer literally...
  2. droptine

    Nightforce SHV or Vortex PST gen ii

    Looking at upgrading from my vortex hst 4-16x44. Anyone had any experience with both the SHV?s and the gen ii?s???
  3. droptine

    Remington 700 5R Gen2

    Was looking at these guns and was thinking about getting one in 300 win. mag. My question is: has anyone bought one of these or had any experiences with them?
  4. droptine

    260 Rem.

    Thinking about buying a Remington 700 in 260. Also thinking about running with the Barnes long range x bullet in 127gr. What's people's experience and thoughts with this caliber? It would probably end up being my go to, deer and antelope gun. Or maybe experience with this caliber and bullet combo?
  5. droptine

    Need advice on a new spotting scope

    I'm looking at getting a new spotting scope. Particularly the razor hd 16-48x65 or the 20-60x85. I already have the razor 11-33x50 and really like it. Just want something that can reach out there a bit farther. So my question is, what's everyone's thoughts on them two scopes? Is there something...
  6. droptine

    Who else likes the 300wsm

    Love my browning A Bolt ll in 300wsm. Put a Bell and Carlson sporter stock from redhawk rifles on it. Put a timmney after market trigger spring and topped it with a 3.5 -14×40 nikon Prostaff 5 with xr turret. A month ago I finally got some hornady ELD-X in 178 gr. Over 64.5 gr. of RL17 getting...
  7. droptine

    Hornady ELD-X

    Just ordered a box of 200 gr. for my 300 wsm. Has anyone else tried these? And how'd they like them??
  8. droptine

    the mountains are calling

    And I must go!!!
  9. droptine

    60 days!!!

    60 days till the general season!! Can't wait to get back in the hills. Might sneak up there with my for a weekend in September just to nose around a bit!
  10. droptine

    time limits for camping on federal land

    So if I want to set up camp on federal land. There is a 16 day limit, then I have to pull stakes and head somewhere else. My question is , can outfitters get a permit of some sorts to stay longer than 16 days?? Just curious.
  11. droptine

    zeiss range finder

    Has anyone used the zeiss victory range finder with the ballistic program? Found one for a really good deal and was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this? Thanks for any info
  12. droptine

    .270 cal 140 gr.berger hunting vld

    Has anyone used these bullets on elk and how did they perform? Was thinking about working up a load for my 270 wsm.
  13. droptine

    Berger VLD's and 7mm-08

    Hello, Worked up a really nice load for my 7-08.. 39 gr. Of varget under 140 gr. Berger hunting VLDs. 1/2" @100. 2570 muzzle velocity. My question is. Has anyone else shot these in 7-08 and used them for hunting? And what were the results?? Thanks
  14. droptine

    Well finally pulled it off!!

    Heres the whole story.. We headed out for opener in sw montana and got there two days early. Thursday afternoon we found a herd with two good bulls. The next afternoon we went in and found them again in the next draw. Needless to say I was pretty pumped! So opening morning comes and I start...
  15. droptine

    leaving tomorrow morning for SW Montana

    Heading out early. Hoping to there by noon or so. That'll give me two and a half day to scout. Bringing the .410 along for mountain grouse if I get the chance. Super pumped to get up into the hills and see the sunrise over the tops on opening day. Our tags are good for a browtine bull or cow...
  16. droptine

    surplus big game license

    The surplus general big game licenses go on sale tomorrow. Can't wait for hunting season to get here!!
  17. droptine

    just bought a 270 wsm

    Just bought a browning a bolt in 270 wsm for $350 the stock had a lot of scratches but the barrel and muzzle crown loon really good. Plan on buying a bell and Carlson medalist stock. Anyway, I was planning on shooting 140 accubonds through it. Does anyone have any experience with loading 140's...
  18. droptine

    !!Very disappionted with Remington!!

    This is probably going to be a long and boring story, but I just need to vent a little. So anyway, I bought a Remington 700 CDL 7mm-08 back in April. I bring it home, throw a scope on it and take it out. The best groups I Could get were 4"@100 didn't matter what I put through it! Factory or...
  19. droptine

    swift scirocco bullets

    Been thinking about loading some 180 gr swift scirocco bullets for my 300 wsm, for this falls elk trip. My gun really likes the hornady interbonds but I cant seem to get ahold of them any more so I was thinking about the swifts. Was wondering if anyone has used the swifts and what kind of...
  20. droptine

    Districts 320 and 330

    I've hunted 380 in the past with my grandfather and never really had much luck there. So I did some research and decided that this year I would try areas 320 and 330. I was wondering if anyone hunted these two areas? If so, what was their experience as far as elk and deer numbers, hunting...