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    6.5 prc

    Is anybody shooting a 6.5 PRC or 300 PRC yet? Stockys has awesome deal on closeout 2018 stocks so I feel like i need to fill one up. I have a have a couple creedmoores and a 6.5 x 284 so i really dont NEED another 6.5 but something keeps calling me to these PRCs. I guess what appeals to me...
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    Central Wyoming winter

    I need some biology facts here. So I've been planning on hunting unit 73 or 75 with my points this year. My question is how do tough winters like this affect horn growth if any? I'm not completely committed to burning them yet as I have some well established backup plans.
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    Custer park muleys

    Has anyone ever hunted the Custer's SE of Ekalaka?
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    Howa M-1500

    Does anybody own one? How do they compare to a tikka t3 or savage 111? Looking at 7mm rem, shooting 139gr gmx bullet. I like the easy rebarrel option of the savage since this is a hot load.
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    Unit 47 Wyoming antelope?

    I Think I am going to burn my 4 points this yr. I was considering unit 47. Anybody know anything about this unit south ofCasper? I'm open to other suggestions too. Thanks
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    SD archery muley.

    One more day to try to get it done. We are one for three so far.
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    wyoming success

    Spot n Stock with over-counter tag. Fun stuff!