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  1. Slugz

    Upgrading the Reloading Bench

    Since we have the two new custom rifles coming I wanted to go to the next level with my reloading. New to the process will be 1) Giraud case trimmer to trim to length, chamfer and debur in one shot. Time saver to increase consistency and quantity. 2) AMP annealer to get more consistent neck...
  2. Slugz

    Duluth Trading

    I recently was in a store and came across their Flexpedition pants. Light weight, 4 way stretch, solid colors. When i put my hands on them they I instantly thought " these are alot like my Kuiu Attacks. Ive worn them now at work for a few weeks and washed them a few times. They are gonna make...
  3. Slugz

    Thermos Test / Old School Stanley vs RTIC

    RTIC kept hot coffee 2.5 hours longer. Wasnt even a close comparison. 1) 25 degree out side air temp 2) warmed up with boiling water for 5 minutes each. 3) filled to the top. No air left inside. Mine is the Stanley. Son has the RTIC. He was opening his to heavy steam rising out of it...
  4. Slugz

    Ram Aviation Caribou Hunt

    Anyone have any intel or comments? They are out of Kotzebue.
  5. Slugz

    Sig Cross Rifle Anyone from the Eastman's Team or any one else out there get there hands on one of these yet ? Doesn't really have any bad reviews and I really like the way they let a wide range of people test the first models. Seems like they got a lot of...
  6. Slugz

    Happy New Year!

    To all, May 2020 be your best one yet! God bless
  7. Slugz


    All with the same blade
  8. Slugz

    Mooseapalooza 2019 Colorado

    Well we got it done. Kid got a turned in tag. Ill drop some pics now then will type up the story. Its pretty sketchy at times, involves a crazy hike, a great shot and lastly Onx saving the day and finding a alternate pack out route. Thanks to all on the forum that helped out.
  9. Slugz

    Fall Waterfowl Pics

    Thought Id post up a few of the kids hunts. Hes been going once or twice a week since the opener.
  10. Slugz

    Moose Ribs

    Wanted to get some comments on breaking down moose ribs in the field and tools used. Ive gotten some input from others that said they use a rough cut 15 inch carpentry saw in the field for the initial cut below the bottom of the back strap. They said easier than a WYO saw and bow meat saw...
  11. Slugz

    November Moose CO GMU 41/42/421

    My son just got the email he was next in line for a reissue tag that was turned in. So looks like we will be cow moose hunting in November. I have 4-5 spots I glass from for elk that I frequently see moose. Would be happy to trade deer /elk info in Colorado for any additional moose info in...
  12. Slugz

    Gooseapalooza 2019-2020 ( Ducks too)

    I'll be doing the same crazy run and gun couple of months mainly November 4th to Dec 3rd then Jan 16th till season closes . I usually hunt out I76 Hudson Co north east to the I80/I76 intersection then northwest up NE 26 to the NE/WYO border and back to I25 west of Guernsey. If anyone wants to...
  13. Slugz

    2019 NW Colorado Archery Muzzleloader Report

    Its the most wonderful time of the year. Andy Williams Is it so wrong i walk around the house packing and singing that song. Dog seems to like it as its a change of pace from duck, goose calling practice mixed in with elk mews, bugles and grunts. Its that time of the year again to start the...
  14. Slugz

    Robin Hood

    Post em. Just got this one sent to me from a friend in Colorado.
  15. Slugz

    Trekking Poles

    Need to get a new set and wanted to hear some opionions. Seems like Leki and Black Diamond are still the better ones. My priority is collapsible, adjustable, lightweight. Thanks for any input.
  16. Slugz

    Happy 4th !!!

    Heading back into the woods for a few days and wanted to tell everyone Happy 4th of July. Will get some more elk and fish pics and post next week. Be safe in the woods. Dont be above treeline after 1300 with these storms everyday (Colorado). Let someone know when you go in and expected time...
  17. Slugz

    Optics Rental

    Wanted to give a plug to this guy. Ive rented my summer spotter from him the past two years. Always seems to give me extra days also. Good service to your door with return labels already included. Comes in a Pelican box with full size or backpack size tripod.
  18. Slugz

    Rinehart 1/3 Elk Target

    Man love this thing.
  19. Slugz

    Grand Mesa / White River Scouting Trip

    Made our annual round the state look see. First a little fishing.
  20. Slugz

    Elk Roasts.

    Eye round roasts fresh off the smoker.