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  1. jjenness

    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    2019 didn't disappoint. Blessed to be able to punch my tag on another giant.
  2. jjenness

    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    Nice bull!
  3. jjenness

    Forum Banner Update Contest!

    A memorable one for sure.
  4. jjenness

    Major Forum Updates Coming!

    Change is usually hard, but I like the new look.
  5. jjenness

    The 2018 Elk picture Thread

    Got my 2018 bull back last week.
  6. jjenness

    The Wild Game Eats Thread...

    Summer sausage!
  7. jjenness

    The 2018 Elk picture Thread

    Finally getting around to sharing my bull from this year. Was an amazing hunt!
  8. jjenness

    The 2018 Antelope Picture Thread!

    My son's first speed goat. Very cool to see him continue his success with hunting.
  9. jjenness

    The 2018 Elk picture Thread

    My son's first elk taken last week!
  10. jjenness

    Bowtech Assassin. $550 obo

    Left hand Bowtech Assassin 70 lb limbs, with octane quiver and stabilizer, Trophy Ridge whisker biscuit rest, Trufire release, 6 gold tip arrows, 5 pin black gold sight, hard case. This bow has literally been shot less than 12 times and has never been in the field. It is essentially a new...
  11. jjenness

    2017 Mule Deer Success Thread

    Second to last day, though this one would do.
  12. jjenness

    2017 Mule Deer Success Thread

    My son's deer. 3 for 3 on nice bucks the last 3 years for him.
  13. jjenness

    The 2017 Eastmans' Forum Bowkill Journal

    I was blessed to tag another great MT bull.
  14. jjenness

    Carter Plain 1

    Here are some pics of the release. I will ship for free to the CONUS.
  15. jjenness

    Carter Plain 1

    I have a Carter Plain 1 that I have not used in a couple of years that I am looking to let go. It will come in the original box with the different adjustment tension springs. The only blemish on it is a small scrape on the metal from dropping it once. Pictures available upon request, just PM...
  16. jjenness

    Fishing 2017

    Thought I would get a 2017 thread started for fishing. We had a great first trip of the year, caught my biggest walleye at 14.5lbs.
  17. jjenness

    444 inch bull from Missouri river breaks?

    So wanted to throw this out there to see if anyone else has heard of a bull that was supposedly just killed in the Missouri river breaks that scores 444 allegedly? I got the picture from a friend who claims it is legit but with these stories you see every year I am always sceptical. Heard also...
  18. jjenness

    2015 buck back from taxi

    Got last year's buck back from the taxi today, real happy with how he turned out.
  19. jjenness

    MT FWP Ridiculous Proposal!!!

    So there was a public meeting a couple nights ago, which was poorly announced, and the local FWP biologist laid out the elk management plan for HD 411. They are currently proposing that there would no longer be a archery only season in 411, and rifle hunting would take place from 8/15 to 2/15...