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  1. Slugz

    Dove Hunting, Who Does It?

    We try and fit it in but it conflicts with elk and elk...and elk:)
  2. Slugz

    Bear hunting tips

    No im not familiar with 62
  3. Slugz

    Red Setter''s

    Great looking dogs Mr Don.
  4. Slugz

    Redneck from a blue state

    Welcome TD. Lots of great people and info here. Great place also to get info on where to move. Good luck and welcome
  5. Slugz

    Who else is...

    I've been getting after it just not posting. Taking all my energy at this point just to get up in the am. Yeah I'm still stuck over here :) Mid Aug return looks like it should pan out. Just finished a 7 day straight all body work out series. Will take 48 hours off then do it again. I...
  6. Slugz


    Brock welcome. Thank you for your service. 27 year Navy guy here. Lots of great info and great people on here. Feel free to PM me on anything Colorado.
  7. Slugz

    In the market for a hunting pack

    Recommend you also put it on. Ensure you have a correct.... 1) Frame length 2) Shoulder strap length 3) Belt size Get it from a store/online that has a return policy. Lastly......if your gonna have it on for long periods with different weights and set ups.....get smart on adjusting it...
  8. Slugz

    2020 Fishing

    Twohatjack with a high mountain fatty!!
  9. Slugz

    In the market for a hunting pack

    In, out, quick, light. If I need a multi day pack I take off the 1800ci and put on a 7000ci pack. Only thing I'm upgrading to the below is a solid panel freighter vice the netting. Hope that helps.
  10. Slugz

    In the market for a hunting pack

    Next trip in ( if not still hunting or helping someone else hunt ) pack freighter mode with just the netting.
  11. Slugz

    In the market for a hunting pack

    Post animal down the netting I have underneath secures the first load out.
  12. Slugz

    In the market for a hunting pack

    Light weight frame pack provides a ton of versatility. Modifiable to the hunting style/job required for the day. My day pack is below. 1800CI. Combined with a belt pouch and small pouch outside I carry around 64oz of water, essential kit, kill kit and emergency kit. I use it archery 90% of...
  13. Slugz

    Wilderness Archery Elk

    Rifle seasons in Colorado are the funniest. I usually glass 4-5 days/scout then meat hunt the 4th rifle season. Two years ago I was up at 11,000 ft on a well known trail glassing down a ridgeline. I had a herd of over 100 patterned and sure enough they popped out right where they should. I...
  14. Slugz

    Happy Father's Day !!!

    Likewise all around!! 72 days 21 hours 08 min to the archery opener :)
  15. Slugz

    camp cocktails

  16. Slugz

    base layer

    When we finally hunt together......bring your own tent :)
  17. Slugz

    base layer

    I think to answer that it would depend on the hunt. Easy hike in. Not much movement. Easy pack out. Not much sweat. Then those will keep you warm as a base layer. As you increase your activity level I'd say you may be more comfortable and warmer in something that will draw the sweat away...
  18. Slugz

    base layer

    Acrylic, polyester, rayon and spandex.
  19. Slugz

    Chainsaw Sharpener

    After further review. This is a knock off of the Oregon Power Sharp System. Couple key points. Oregon Power Sharp System is sold with the sharpener and a special chain that goes with it. The link above you posted is just as you said a scam. Chinese company made one that kinda looks like...
  20. Slugz

    Chainsaw Sharpener

    I don't see how it works correctly at all. Fundamentally major issues. 1) Only sharpens the top of the tooth ? So that's not even the spot that needs sharpening. 2) It grinds your raker and tooth to the same level ? Not even close to being correct. Get a good file (round to match the...