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  1. Winchester

    Happy Father's Day !!!

    Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's on the Forum!! I hope everyone has a great day (y)
  2. Winchester

    Bullet Preference for Savage 111

    My daughter just bought a new Savage Model 111. Can anyone with a Savage tell me which type of factory ammo it tends to shoot the best? Thx!!
  3. Winchester

    Spring Bear

    I posted previously about a .28 Nosler custom build I just completed with my gunsmith. Well, I just took it on a Spring Bear, spot and stalk, hunt in Montana last week and got this nice big boar. He's 350 lbs and about 6 1/2 feet long. I stalked up to 200 yards and one shot (through the heart)...
  4. Winchester

    Bison License Application Info Letter

    I applied for a Bison tag in the Draw (like many of you I believe) and I just received an e-mail from the WY Game & Fish Department with the following info. Did anyone else receive this ... I'm guessing everyone did. What do you think? Dear Hunt Area 2 Wild Bison License Applicant, You are...
  5. Winchester

    My First New Rifle in Forever

    I've been hunting my whole life with the pre-64 Model 70 Winchester my Dad bought in the '50s. I'm happy with it and I'll still use it but after spending a few years reading everyone's posts about other interesting rifles I finally decided to try one. In coordination with a local gunsmith we...
  6. Winchester

    Hidden Basin Outfitters

    Has anyone ever heard of Buck Wilson and Hidden Basin Outfitters operating out of Jackson Hole? Any comments ... good or bad ? Thx!
  7. Winchester

    Colorado MRS

    Hey guys, Dumb question I know, but has this year's Magazine been published with the Colorado MRS? I get both the EHJ and EBJ but I haven't seen it. Maybe I missed an issue?
  8. Winchester

    Hunter convicted of illegal wolf kill in Grand Teton National Park

  9. Winchester

    Stika & KUIU Pants - Waterproof ?

    Hey guys, In the "Game Changing Gear" Thread folks are talking about buying KUIU Attack Pants and Sitka Timberline Pants. I didn't want to hijack that tread so I'll ask here ... I know those aren't "rain pants" but are they water-resistant at all? Thx.
  10. Winchester

    Browning Trail Cam

    I have a fairly new Browning Trail Cam that recently began only taking 3 or 4 pictures after I re-set it and then quitting. I've changed the batteries and checked the setting but can't identify the problem. Any ideas?
  11. Winchester

    2018 Statistics

    Hey guys, The 2018 Draw Recap Reports for Deer, Elk, etc are now posted on the CO Parks & Wildlife website.
  12. Winchester

    Books on Bowhunting

    I'd like to learn a little about bowhunting. I'm thinking of getting into it, but I've never done it before. Does anyone have a recommendation on a good book or two I could read?
  13. Winchester

    Huntin' Fool and/or Epic Outdoors

    I'm just curious, What do the experienced hunters on here think about the "Huntin' Fool" and/or "Epic Outdoors" when used as resources for hunting info? I see them referred to occasionally on this forum but no real discussion as to whether on not they are useful, reliable, accurate, etc. Any...
  14. Winchester

    CoHiCntry, Is Your Message Box Full?

    Hello CoHiCntry, Is your In-Box Full? I've sent you a couple of PM's but I'm not sure if they're getting to you. Just checking. Thx, Dave.
  15. Winchester

    Mexican Wolf Recovery

    I just received this from the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish ... -------------------------------------------------------- New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Public contact, Information Center: (888) 248-6866 Media contact: Lance Cherry: (505) 476-8003 FOR...
  16. Winchester

    "March" Rifles Scopes

    Does anyone have any experience with "March" rifles scopes? Anyone ever own/use one? What'd you think of it?
  17. Winchester

    Favorite Long Range Rifle

    We've had some very interesting posts lately asking about favorite "all around calibers", etc. I've always hunted with the same 30-06 and am very happy with it; but, some of our discussions got me thinking about possibly getting a rifle that's capable of reaching out a little further. So I...
  18. Winchester

    Outfitter/Guide for Black Bear?

    After the input I received (thanks!) on a previous thread it looks like my best shot at getting a Black Bear is going on a guided hunt (for many reasons). Do you guys know any Black Bear guides you'd recommend? I live in Colorado so maybe somewhere around here ... Wyoming, Montana, etc?
  19. Winchester

    Black Bear Hunting

    Hey guys, My wife wants me to get a Black Bear rug ... lucky me! I usually get a bear tag when I hunt deer or elk but I've never hunted specifically for a bear ... and I've never gotten one. Since I live in Colorado there's no baiting etc. I was thinking about maybe hiring a guide. Do you...
  20. Winchester

    Leupold Scope Adjustments

    I have a Leupold VX-III 4.5-14x40 scope that I've been using for a few years. This year, when I go from looking at something at about 100yds to further, say 400 yards, both the scene and reticle appear a little fuzzy (unclear). I can adjust it by loosening the lock-ring and turning the rear...