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    WY 46-2

    I’m not sure what the issue was but it should be fixed now! Thanks!
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    WY 46-2

    Thank you! Much appreciated!
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    WY 46-2

    Just seeing if anyone has any experience at all with this unit. Going to be hunting Simpson Ridge HMA. First goat hunt ever, taking my dad out from ND for his first goat as well. I’ve been calling biologists and talked with some locals but figured can’t hurt to post here. Starting to realize...
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    MT Mule Deer over $600?

    There’s definitely still people out there who probably shouldn’t be able to afford it that make it work. I hunted in eastern Montana while going to college in western ND, my bank account said absolutely not but I somehow pulled it off. Would have went elsewhere but I was 2 hours from MT and it’s...
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    WY unit 7?

    Warning, lengthy post ahead haha I’ve been talking to some folks at the game and fish, comparing draw odds, and am looking to try for this unit in the special draw with my dad. I realize there’s less access than some other units but it still looks alright, I’m pretty used to hunting scattered...
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    2017 Mule Deer Success Thread

    Filled my MT deer tag solo yesterday. Was sleepin in my pickup at night and hiking all day, hope to do it every year.
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    SKRE Gear?
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    SKRE Gear?

    Anyone have opinions on the newer company SKRE? Today I ordered the Hardscrabble jacket to test out chasing MT mulies in a few weeks. I'm a little over 6'1 and around 185-190lb. I wanted a more athletic fit so I ordered a Large, which was strange since last year I weighed around 215 so was...
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    Montana General Deer

    Hey guys, Well I've been on here for years and posted a few times. I dropped the cash and applied for the deer tag. I have done my due diligence on where I plan to hunt in Eastern MT, have the BLM book coming in August, and read every possible post regarding East MT deer on the net it seems...
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    Fishing 2016

    Shot a few a weekend or so ago.
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    A few pics from one of my favorite areas. See more sheep than deer somedays (20+). God willing I'll be sitting on this same ridge come August.
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    Mule Deer Success Thread!

    Dad and I got our bucks in ND. Not the biggest bucks we saw but I couldn't miss anymore school, so I took a decent little buck that gave me an easy 100 yard shot. I was following a 170+ class buck for a couple hours but he never presented me a shot other than his ass end so that was a no go.
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    ND Mule Deer Rifle

    Well after 7 years I drew my rifle tag for 4C. I've been doing tons of research and think I'll be alright but I know there's guys on here that could probably help. I read most of the threads on here and try to help when I can but I'm a young guy at 19 and mainly just learn from you guys. Well...
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    Hunting With Someone You Meet On a Hunting Forum...

    I have never done this, always been told that could be a huge mistake. But at the same time, it's hard for some of us to find someone with the same amount of hunting obsession/passion and knowledge. I know of quite a few situations where people did this and it always seems to be just a good time...
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    Best Alaska town to live in for hunting/outdoors?

    I don't know if anyone can answer this question here, but I figured I'd ask anyway. What town would you prefer to live in as far as the outdoors? Where you could draw a sheep/goat tag and hike in many many miles, without needing to hire a bush pilot, but also able to beat the crowds.(weather...