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    Eastmans' in Colorado?

    I spent 11 points last year for a unit that has about 50/50 public vs private land. Ended up finding an 84" buck a few weeks before the season opener and punched my tag opening morning. But, it was a grind and I spent a ton of time and rolled the tires to find him. Planning on burning 8...
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    April 7...Decision Day

    Maybe this is my year for a desert sheep, moose or mtn goat! It should be my year for a 4th season buck tag.
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    2020 AZ Draw Results Countdown

    Is anyone still having issues logging into the AZGF website? I heard it went down last week, and have not been able to access the portal. I've tried resetting my password, but can't seem to receive the email to do that even. Just curious if it was a "me only" issue. Thanks, Graybird
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    Reloder-16, Reloder-22, Reloder-26 Q&A

    Prerylyon, Based upon the ladder data you posted, I would look specifically in the 52.6 to 53.2 gr. I assume you conducted the ladder test to determine a potential accuracy node and I believe with the data provided, that's where you should find an accurate load. Good luck!
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    .264 Win Mag on Elk

    Agreed, the old NP has put a lot of meat in freezers. I've tried them in multiple rifles and calibers and still struggle to find desired accuracy with them. I've found accuracy much easier with the Barnes TSX/TTSX and more recently LRX, which I'm switching most of my rifles to. Good luck!
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    First rifle/ first elk

    Congrats! Looking forward to the photos.
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    Antelope success thread

    Colorado Nevada
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    .264 Win Mag on Elk

    Perhaps a better bullet than a Berger should be considered?
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    2019 = 160+ inches

    I have both capes in the freezer. My wife is going to kill me for dragging not one, but two more mounts home. ;) Thinking about a way to display them together but also the option to separate them, too.
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    Colorado Success!

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    2019 = 160+ inches

    I couldn't be more satisfied with my 2019 antelope tags. And, yeah, there is something magical about my little elk friend!!! ;)
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    2019 = 160+ inches

    The 2019 draws brought me a couple of antelope tags. I knew I was in good shape to draw my desired Colorado antelope unit with 11 points, but was surprised to learn I'd drawn my first choice Nevada antelope unit with only 8 points. With new job responsibilities and an extremely busy summer...
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    2019 NW Colorado Archery Muzzleloader Report

    Congrats on the bear! Looking forward to hearing "the rest of the story", as Paul Harvey would say.
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    Stone Glacier Sky 5900 Giveaway!

    I'm in, thanks for the opportunity.
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    2019 NW Colorado Archery Muzzleloader Report

    I'm an Oklahoma State fan and have become a de facto Steelers fan with the addition of Mason Rudolf and James Washington. That #11 couldn't catch a pass if his life depended upon it!!!