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    Christensen arms

    I did end up buying one in 300 Win Mag. Have only had the chance to take it to the range once, but am very impressed with it so far.
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    Hunting Wyoming Elk in 2021?

    I put in for a general tag in WY with 3 points, so will be iffy.
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    Hunting Solo?

    Solo also almost all the time and all the time out west. I like to be on my schedule and my schedule alone.
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    What Archery Events will you be attending for 2021

    [ Lots of bowhunting orgs missed out on a large amount of revenue due to covid cancellations. I know Pope and Young is struggling based on the emails I get. My bowhunting company had our best year ever so I worked with several national and state bowhunting orgs to replace the money they lost due...
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    What Archery Events will you be attending for 2021

    I go to the Kalamazoo Traditional Bowhunters expo every year in January. Unfortunately it is cancelled this year.
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    NRA Files for Bankruptcy

    Most states have an organization. In Michigan we have Michigan Gun Owners.
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    Application Strategy

    WY elk hopefully
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    New Excalibur Twinstrike Two Bolt Crossbow

    Kind of like an O/U shotgun
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    Sportsman's Warehouse/Bass Pro

    Will have to wait and see what happens. We just had a Sportsmans Whse open in SW MIchigan ( former Field and Stream store ).
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    Christensen arms

    I have been looking at their Ridgeline model, but do not have any experience with Christensen. Anyone have any feedback on their rifles ?
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    Any Waterfowl Hunters Around?

    Been a great year for ducks so far, unfortunately our season ends in 2 weeks
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    Proposition 114

    I assume hunting license fees will go to pay for this. I am going to have to think hard on if I will buy a license and preference points next year. I spend approx $200 a year in CO on a year I don't hunt there, obviously more if I get drawn for a tag.
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    skunked in Colorado

    Where about were you at ? I just got back from Unit 48 by Leadville. I got skunked also, but had a great time. Hunted about the same elevations as you
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    6.5 Creedmoor

    I think that is it, I am always looking for an excuse to buy a new rifle
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    Colorado Wildfire Refunds

    Thanks for the update