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    تفاوت تمامی پرینتر سه بعدی در تکنولوژی و مواد مصرفی آنها است که آنها را از هم متمایز می کند. به عنوان مثال برخی پرینترهای سه بعدی بر پایه پودر (نایلون، پلاستیک، سرامیک و فلز) که با استفاده از یک منبع حرارت نوری (لیزر) ذوب شده و سپس جامد می شوند و شکل نمونه مورد نظر را می گیرند عمل چاپ را انجام می دهند. در برخی دیگر رزین های پلیمری با استفاده از لیزر لایه به لایه سفت و سخت شده و شکل جامد به خود می گیرند. (این لایه ها بسیار نازک هستند).
    جهش قطرات ریز از مواد به سطح پلت فرم نیز که بیانگر تکنولوژی جوهر افشان در چاپ دو بهدی هستند، در چاپ سه بعدی به عنوان تکنولوژی جهش چسب شناخته می شوند.
    رایج ترین این تکنولوژی ها، روش FDM است که در آن مواد اولیه از جنس پلاستیک ABS و یا PLA به صورت رشته ای از طریق نازل دستگاه عبور کرده و پس از گرم شدن عمل لایه سازی را انجام می دهد از آنجا که چاپ سه بعدی امکان ساخت مستقیم و دقیق قطعات را فراهم می کند می توان با این تکنولوژی اشیء پیچیده و با قابلیت های بسیار بالا را بدون نیاز به مونتاژ و در کمترین زمان تولید کرد.
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    pháp, giữ cho linh thảo sinh trưởng có đủ linh kh*.
    dịch vụ th*nh lập doanh nghiệp the manor central park h* nội chung cư eco city long biên trung tâm kế toán tại minh khai

    Một cái đan lô nằm ở giữa gian thạch thất. Bên cạnh nó có rất nhiều tro

    t*n do luyện đan thất bại. Từ sau khi Vương Lâm bế quan, Lý Mộ Uyển cũng

    bắt đầu tiến h*nh luyện chế.

    Trên mặt đất, ngoại trừ số tro t*n ra, còn có một số ngọc giản vất lung

    tung. Thông thường, trong khi luyện đan, mỗi khi có được linh cảm hay sự
  3. Thanks! I'll look into those areas as well.
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    I would also take a close look at 121 early, 151-155 early, 141-145 early, in that order. To be honest with you I hunt 151-155 early. It's a great area to hunt with lots of deer. If your a road hunter it will be tough. The herd in poor shape and numbers are way down. I don't care what fish and game say its half of what it used to be 5 years ago. But there is some real monster bucks there but it takes some snow and cold weather to get them moving and some work to find them. I've hunted the same spot for 5 years and if we draw this year were relocating our hunt to a new spot to try and locate better numbers. I hope this helps. Take care.
  5. Thanks for the info! I would definitely be looking to the remote areas. I was planning on backpacking in the jarbridge wilderness. That is some of why I was looking to the early hunts. Like to hunt as alone as I can. I have 2 nonresident points going in this year.
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    Hey. I've hunted that area back when I was a kid. 1400+ tags for early and a 2-1 draw odds I can't believe you haven't drawn yet! There looks like alot of 4 point bucks taken there too. If you draw that tag plan on see a crap ton of people and being scared outta your wits from fools shooting at everything that moves. There are some nice buck taken there very year. Late is always better IMO I like the snow and there can be alot in those areas. There is some wilderness areas in 072 that I bet there will be less people around and were you can get some good glassing in.I would also take a close look at 079,91 there are some higher mt ranges there that will weed out the road hunters and give you a better chance and a decent buck. I'll talk to a couple guys I know hunt there and see if I can get some specifics for you. Also I'll look over the harvest reports and see if I can find a better area for you to burn your points in.
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