View Full Version : 2015 First Trip to Alaska

Fat Daddy
03-13-2014, 07:30 PM
Got my 2015 License in the mail today and found out our group was able to pickup undersubscribed black bear tags for DL030, Kupreanof Island. Pretty excited as none of us have been to Alaska before.
Anyone have experience hunting black bears on Kupreanof? We will be cruising the shoreline out of boats.
From what I hear, we can also take up to 5 wolves on the island. Anyone ever have luck taking a wolf there?
How much rain are we likely to encounter in the month of May?
We will be doing a self guided hunt out of a lodge which provides everything for us to hunt, boats etc.
Any input is appreciated.

03-13-2014, 10:32 PM
I don't have any great info for you, as I've never hunted that area. Just wanted to say good luck and have a blast! AK is so cool and it's super addictive. It definitely will get in your blood! Your hunt sounds like it will be a great time.

03-15-2014, 09:51 PM
I have hunted the island before on the Kake side. Lots of bears & lots of big bears when I was there . I hunted in the fall & it rained the whole 9 days we were there. The spring hunt i have been told by some of my hunting friends is beatiful weather. The amount of snow will really effect the hunt. Lots of snow mean bears by the beach, little or no snow bears inland. The island is like stepping back in time. It is in some parts a prehistoric rain forest where trees are 8' across. I have always tried to get another guy to go with me later in the spring to hunt the logging roads inland, but with no luck. It is pretty tough to convence someone to pay for a ferry ride there & only shot 2 bears when we can take a river boat & fill a dump truck with them here. Some units have no limits on black bears and many around the immediate area has a limit of 3.
Just keep in mind you are visiting a rain forest & an area that gets over 100" of rain fall per year. Also remember it is alaska & contrary to popular belief there isn't a critter behind every tree. You should also get in some King fishing & some rock fish while you are there. Enjoy the scenery, wet a line, glass some bears, maybe be able to set some pots for shrimp or crab, keep the wind in your face & heck just have a grand ol time.