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03-04-2014, 09:52 PM
I was wondering how each region is holding up weather wise.

I will be heading to Wyoming (NW of Rawlings) and Colorado (East of Meeker) in Sep- Oct so I am very interested in the severity of the weather this winter. Can anyone share 1st person perspective?

Not that we get many nonresidents for hunting on the Oregon Coast but, but in case anyone is interested;
The coastal regions of Oregon are still a little behind on rain even after a wet Feb. We are catching up quickly but snowpack is only 80% in south Cascades and 65% in the North Cascades. Good for animals, bad for fish, and bad for hunters trying to gain access during fire season. Overall still a pretty mild winter especially when it comes to storms hitting the beach.:(

03-04-2014, 10:03 PM
That sounds like a real good idea to me, I have a hunt in S/E AZ and another in N/E AZ both in Sept I think they got some rain last weekend I hadn't heard how much and it would be great if they could get some more this spring.
Here in So. Cal last week we got some much need rain but it was short lived and supposed to be in the 80's by the end of the week. The drought continues and will be coming critical if we don't get some rain soon.

03-05-2014, 11:10 AM
I'm elk hunting south of Rawlins In October so I have kept tabs on the weather a little. Moisture levels have been a little above average according to a friend but nothing way out of the normal. Shouldn't be a significant winter kill and antler/horn development should be good. The critical time of year in now through mid April for winter kills and moisture.

03-05-2014, 11:20 AM
In case someone is coming to Cleveland :cool:.......I have no snow on the ground. It'll be about 40 tomorrow, but the big lake is still pretty much frozen over. Walleye fishing on the lake is still good!!!!